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Martin Fury: What would you have done? {WoW}

May 15th 2009 11:32PM I have to take a side with Karatechop on this one. One of the GM's obvioulsy made a mistake sending this item to a lv 13 character who just got his account hacked. This item actually works on live servers, has no GM tag requirement for use, and has no level requirement that should be some legendary number. It dosen't even have a soulbound tag so once you have it, it stays with you.

Of course this is where all of the ethical extremists come into play and shout "HE ABUSED POWER THAT SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN GIVEN TO HIM AND THEREFORE IS IMMORAL!!" Haven't we forgotten that WoW is a GAME? No one was hurt while he was using this item. Was anyone killed? No. Was anyone emotionally scarred for life and unable to continue their normal lives? No.

Then some of you nay-sayers may come in and say "The item clearly says that if you use this item you are a cheater." So what if you're a cheater? Remember back in the old days of Blizzard when you remembered all of the cheat codes for Starcraft? Did you get banned for using the cheat codes? No. Were you able to use the codes in Multiplayer games? No. The codes were obviously put in for your enjoyment because its fun to see 1 zergling take down an entire Terran base. If its in the game its meant to be used, he's not exploiting just because he used an item that is so well-scripted and coded that it can be used without crashing every copy of WoW from here to Australia. As long as he didn't hack into the game, steal some secret files, or change the coding of an item he isn't at fault. I don't see anything in the ToA that says you can't use an item that was given to you by a GM that can 1-shot the hardest boss in the game. This obviously isn't an infraction of Blizzards ToA.

Well of course I think he should have made sure that the item wasn't a mistake. But it isn't his fault for using an item that was given to him without restrictions. And don't the GM's even review what they're about to send to some random lv 13? I think they should have punished him but not with a permanent ban for something that wasn't his fault in the first place. If he never got the item from the GM or it required a GM tag to be used this would have never happened.

The lesson here is expect the unexpected and prepare for the worst.