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Patch 3.2 Druid changes, part II {WoW}

Jun 23rd 2009 5:26AM I am a rogue in part T8, mainly uld-10 gear, a few uld-25 pieces. The spreadsheet had me at (approx.) 6.3k single-target dps for the last few uld-25 runs I've been on. Due to the fact that our group is missing a few buffs, I maxed out at about 6k dps or perhaps a bit higher (I believe I achieved 6.2k on one run).

A feral druid alt in 2pc T7.5 and random naxx-25 epics was doing exactly the same or slightly higher dps than me, despite being in wildly inferior gear. This was the case on almost any fight. This is not due to my poor skill, as the theoretical amount proposed by the spreadsheet was only a couple hundred above what I was achieving, and, for example, our group often doesn't have any death knights (and misses other significant buffs).

I've just attained 4pc T8 and expect to be outdpsing the feral by a few hundred next run. However, it shouldn't be the case that I need to overgear him by something like a tier to a tier and a half in order to outdps him. Ferals are too high. (Me and him are generally at the top of the raid's damage meters, except when another random feral druid is brought, in which case they challenge too). Also, I should mention this guy has about 4-5 characters and plays each one very sporadically. I have no doubt someone with proper experience at playing feral could beat his dps.

I have seen ferals in naxx-10 offpieces out-dps other hybrids in naxx-25 to uld-10. This is ridiculous.

Encrypted Text: Everything but Vanish {WoW}

Jun 17th 2009 4:34PM I agree, we're in a fine place right now. Let's not pretend we're completely OP in everything, sounds half as if you're asking for nerfs. In Arenas, we're good and certainly viable (especially in RMP in 3s, and pretty much only in RP in 2s). We're not the very best class in 2s atm - I think due to recent changes it's really druids and death knights and such edging ahead (though we were really good in the first weeks of S6).

We're certainly very viable. But my main worry is that we're teetering on a knife edge - we're traditionally dominant in 2s (and in RMP in 3s), but Blizzard wants to take emphasis off lower brackets. We're not so good in BGs, and Blizzard wants to put more emphasis on them. The odd moment of burst with CDs is our lifeblood, and Blizzard wants to take emphasis off this. If these changes happen, then the only real way to stop rogues dropping off a cliff is to give them something other than burst and stuns, and stop their complete reliance on CDs. Also, we're only viable in something like 1 or 2 comps (although some very good players can field others), while many of the other classes have a larger choice.

In short, we're very strong, but not the best, and we will have to be monitored closely to stop certain changes destroying us. I hope Blizzard don't put us completely on the back-burner.

As for PvE, we're near the top of the dps charts (though feral druids seem to be doing better). The ycertainly need to be broguht down. My main concern is that there are many fights which don't really favour us - very little chance to do sustained dps on a boss, some chance to FoK-spam but I'd hate to see our class reduced to just one-click ponies. (FoK. FoK. FoK. FoK. FoK.) Really, really boring. And on the fights where we aren't the best, there are many reasons to take another class (sure, we have some situational utility, but it really isn't that much - ToT is nice, but it's nothing a competent tank can't do without. Throwing spec leaves us with less dps and is only useful on a very limited number of fights. There are other little tricks but other classes have more. The fact is, we have to dig deep to come up with 2-3 really good utilities which can be used only situationally, while other classes can come up with dozens).

The main problem I have is that we're one of the only classes that is simply worse than any class in PvE. If you have similar numbers of rogues and druids in group, a raid leader would have to be insane to pick a rogue over an equally skilled/geared feral. If you think this is rubbish - why are we one of the least played classes? The only explanation I can come up with is that in many situations there are other classes which are the same, but better.

We're doing fine, but there are still improvements to be made and careful monitoring to be done.

Ghostcrawler on the future of 5-mans {WoW}

May 26th 2009 6:57AM While I think that's the right idea, it would mean grinding 5-mans for months and months to get a single piece of current gear - I don't think it would make much difference (to get a T8.5 piece would take something like 5800 emblems of heroism - that's not exactly realistic, and it's what most raiders would be aiming for). I think something like 2 emblems for 1 of the next tier up would be more realistic, but it would risk devaluing the emblems received by running the newest content - Ulduar heroic, for example, at the moment.

For once, I think maybe they could take some ideas from PvP - make things purchasable with a number of heroism emblems and a small number of conquest emblems (like honour/arena points), or something. Unfortunately, in PvE they don't have any rating they can use to balance things around (and a 'PvE rating' based on what achievements/bosses/hard-modes you have completed would probably be a bad idea).

I certainly think they need to make running 5-mans more profitable. I took a break for a month before Ulduar, and when I came back, all my friends and guild members have the heroic meta-achievement (which I'm still chasing) and so there's no-one who still wants to run heroics with me (and solely achievements is too little motivation anyway).