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Recent Comments:

Video Sandwich: August 16, 2006 {Joystiq Playstation}

Aug 17th 2006 5:56AM I'm still hungry! Bring it on other video sandwiches! Really awesome videos. Especially I liked first. How did he do it?

Wildfire no more {Joystiq Nintendo}

Aug 17th 2006 5:54AM Maybe they save this title for other ambisious game? They saw that this game doesn't deserve it... But it's just my opinion.
P.S. What a screen above?

Toys R Us DS Lite promo {Joystiq Nintendo}

Aug 17th 2006 5:51AM Do you have spies at Toys R Us? :) I wonder how you guessed (?) password. And you said nothing about legality

Zul'jin Server Protest {WoW}

Aug 17th 2006 5:47AM It's stupid action. Better they would move their characters to other servers

Free Poker next week {Joystiq Xbox}

Aug 17th 2006 5:43AM I suppose there will be some premium features for users who paid for the game. Because if not they will leave the game

Dive Video of the Day: Snorkeling with Dolphins in Honduras {Divester}

Aug 17th 2006 5:41AM Wonderful and relaxing. Thnx!

Rock Star: Supernova: Week 7 Elimination {AOL TV}

Aug 17th 2006 5:35AM "Supernova must be deaf, dumb and blind"
LOL. Super!

Blogging Baby Sleepover: International Edition, August 16, 2006 {ParentDish}

Aug 17th 2006 5:30AM After last Tsunami I'm afraid of going anywhere where is ocean. Stupid, but for me it's really scare. Good luck for you!

Palm's homegrown nav solution for Treos {Engadget Mobile}

Aug 17th 2006 5:25AM Good GPS navigator for 299$. But let's see it at action

Government launches drunk-driving campaign {AdJab - Awaiting Deletion}

Aug 17th 2006 5:23AM They don't feel danger. They must really scare them