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Player receives Developer item in the mail, one-shots Ulduar {WoW}

May 28th 2009 10:55PM Alex, I think you're onto something when you suggest it's a typing error by a Blizzard employee.

I can see a scenario where the employee might have been going for 17601, as per your example, happening like this:
presses 1
presses 7 AND accidentally taps the numlock key
presses 6 - which is now right arrow
presses 0 - which is now insert/overtype toggle
presses 1 - which is now end key
presses enter ...and without realising it, item 17, not item 17601 is sent to KarateChop.

If this is how it happened, it's a very, very unintentional mistake - and something that could have happened to anyone. It would only take the slightest amount of distraction.

Would I use the item if I got it by accident from Blizzard? You bet your life I would! I can't believe people are likening this to a million dollars from a bank in your bank account by accident scenario. It's a GAME, people. You go there to get away from real life. You want to be entertained and have stories to tell. Imagine...

FriendofKarateChop: Wassup?
KarateChop: Hey, not much. Blizzard messed up today.
FoKC: Again? What'd they do this time?
KC: Sent me a Martin Fury in the mail.
FoKC: Awesome! What did you do with it?
KC: Nothing. Mailed it back.
FoKC: No, seriously - what did you do with it?!?
KC: Seriously, I mailed it back.

Yep... There's a story to share at the local and tell your kids one day.