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Encrypted Text: Leveling a rogue, level 71-80 {WoW}

Nov 24th 2009 11:32PM It is one of the signature moves because it is fundamentally different from Misdirection. The damage increase (15%) is quite significant; 3% over the course of a fight if used on cooldown, and now also worth 60 energy per minute. It is one of the moves that when used right, separates the good rogues from the bad rogues.

Granted tanks aren't really struggling for threat at the moment but if this had been the case, the threat redirection vs. damage increase would have been a serious choice for rogues.

Encrypted Text: Rogue tips for raiding Ulduar, part 2 {WoW}

May 29th 2009 12:34PM My guild had some issues downing freya, mainly due to kiters getting killed during the 3 lashers phase, or due to several of the exploding lashers getting killed simultaneously, killing a fair few raid members, or due to having to slow dps on these exploding lashers to the point where we took too long killing them that the next wave spawned on us and caused things to become much more hectic.

Granted the exploding lashers is a bit of a retard-check for your AoE'ers but has a great addendum to their regular freya guide which is worth having a look at if you're struggling with them at all. Once we sorted ourselves out according to this tactic it took us three tries to down her on 25man.

Here's the link:

Feel free to go on and search for it if you distrust links posted on forums like these.