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Joystiq's new commenting system is live {Joystiq}

Apr 4th 2012 9:57PM Hate having to link to facebook/twitter accounts. Kotaku recently did this as well, and it wasn't any cooler when they did it.

Rumor: Valve working on 'Steam Box' console standard with customizable controller, biometrics {Joystiq}

Mar 3rd 2012 1:43PM Sounds like I already have a better "Steam Box" in the form of my PC. Sounds like they should've been workin on that HL3 trailer instead.

Assassin's Creed 3 boxart officially posted by Ubisoft {Joystiq}

Mar 1st 2012 4:05PM @Skorpeyon Does everyone have to explicitly write "I think" or "I feel" in order for you to get that it's their opinion?

Sony Santa Monica (and more) helping with The Last Guardian {Joystiq}

Feb 23rd 2012 5:52AM @iceveiled Either everyone can get away with it, or no one can.

Otherwise, you're just a Valve/Blizzard apologist instead of a Team Ico apologist. Same difference.

Sony Santa Monica (and more) helping with The Last Guardian {Joystiq}

Feb 23rd 2012 5:51AM @UnnXandros Valve absorbs and incorporates a lot of separate studios when they see potential in them. For example, the team that developed Left 4 Dead didn't develop Half-Life. It'd be like trying to think of the Uncharted or the God of War or Twisted Metal studios as being the same entity. They're not.

All the Ico team has is the Ico team...well, until Sony finally decided to back them up with Santa Monica.

Sony Santa Monica (and more) helping with The Last Guardian {Joystiq}

Feb 22nd 2012 7:53PM @(Unverified) No, but how do you know how much support Sony gave them before?

We know virtually nothing about this game. All we have to go on is an old trailer from TGS and a few screens. The premise of the game, it's goals, how it'll eventually end up playing, what kind of technical difficulties have arisen in development. We can't speak specifically about any of it.

All we have to go on is the fact that the studios first two games were great, and anytime anyone tries to justify games as art, they cite Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. You either want to put enough faith in them to let them see their vision through and produce something amazing, or you just want some rushed crap.

Also, Half-Life 2, considered by many to be one of the greatest shooters ever produced, took 6 years to make. 2012 will mark the 5th year HL3/EP3 has been in development. You telling me Valve just can't get it together?

Sony Santa Monica (and more) helping with The Last Guardian {Joystiq}

Feb 22nd 2012 2:03PM @sammo21 So what you're saying is you don't, in fact, have any idea what the internal development process was like, but you'll speak about it anyway, and you'll then cite one of the most rushed, commercialized brands as proof positive that this is how things should run.

Got it.

Sony Santa Monica (and more) helping with The Last Guardian {Joystiq}

Feb 22nd 2012 4:57AM @(Unverified)

Like you have any qualifications to speak on that level. You're just a consumer.

You ever sit in your room late at night trying to write something and not have the words come out right? You ever strum or beat on your instrument for hours not having the notes come out just right? Ever try to draw or sculpt some stuff and the material just won't agree with you? The creative process is a lot harder than you think. Especially when you're trying to translate it to something as rigid as computer code.

Back your shit up and cut the dudes some slack. You have no idea what the internal development process is like.

Sony Santa Monica (and more) helping with The Last Guardian {Joystiq}

Feb 22nd 2012 2:00AM @(Unverified) This is how they've always been. No one minded when they dragged on with the production of Shadow.

It's just they didn't get recognized as the team of visionaries they were until Shadow, and now that they have been, people wanna push them.

You either want some yearly CoD crap, or you want some of the gems that stick in your head well into the next generation. If it's the latter, keep your damn panties out of a wad.

Jaffe walks through the Twisted Metal car customizer web app {Joystiq}

Feb 18th 2012 3:21AM @KinseySS A large part of that is hosts with their thumbs up their asses.

Any game that uses user-controlled game rooms has had complete ass for a multiplayer experience. Wish it was more of a automated matchmaking setup like in Halo or something.