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The Lawbringer: Unconscionability {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2010 12:25AM In many cases, you can donate to the creator of a particular add-on.

The Daily Grind: How important are options? {Massively}

Feb 17th 2010 9:01AM I agree with HackJack, I believe options, or choices, are the single most important thing for MMORPGs.

I played WoW in Tandem with RoM, and there were so many niggling, horrible little annoyances in WoW that were totally absent from RoM because RoM gave you the choice. Whether it's choosing how to track and NPC or not, How you gain your skills, How you do daily quests, and many others, there is only one way to do it in WoW, but RoM gives you 2 or more options.

That doesn't mean some will be with me and find the same things annoying, but the options are there.

The Daily Grind: What location is vital to the game? {Massively}

Feb 14th 2010 11:23AM For Runes of Magic, I'd say it's Silverfall. It's a mid level town when you roll into in your 20s. It's set apart by being the only hub, out of every zone, that doesn't have a house maid. PvP seems to be a bit more rampant and chaotic there, but it's also a big attraction for the same reason.

Of course there's everyone's favorite, or not so favorite, elite mob - Borrofar. He likes to sneak up on people in the woods when they are least on guard.

The Daily Grind: To die, to sleep no more... {Massively}

Feb 13th 2010 6:29PM A lot of past F2P games I've played literally just take XP that you had previously earned away from you. Say you were at 20% to next level, then you die, they'd take some of that away. Let's say it then becomes 15%. You have to re-earn that.

RoM's Debt, will not do that. If you die, you will incure a percentage of your characters current level as "debt". Then as you continue to quest or grind, 70% of what you earn goes to pay off that debt, while you still gain 30% of it. There's also an element of TP loss to that occurs exponentially as you die more often. It might be getting too detailed but not only dying creates a debt system that's not as annoying as just erasing earned XP, but if your a frequent victim, you will be losing more TP in the long run. There's definite advantages to this. It keeps a feeling of not wanting to die or die repeatedly up, and keeping in your face annoyance low.

If I'm 2% from next level and die, I can still fairly quickly get to next level, and still work toward paying off that debt, while in older ways, that difference would just increase. Also if I remember correctly, the bonus you get from reaching next level would go toward debt as well, same with any world or daily quests, the xp reward will all go towards paying off that debt.

I hate WoW's death. One of the most annoying things to me, personally, is having to walk back to your corpse. It's just boring to me. At least with RoM's I can immediately get back in the game, and continue to earn 30% of continued xp gain, while keeping in mind that I don't want to die again.

I "feel" a whole lot better and less annoyed at RoM's way, while still being given a good reason to try not to die. It plays on the conscience a whole lot better, I think, than most other systems.

I can't remember, but do you even lose anything at all when you die in WoW?

The Daily Grind: To die, to sleep no more... {Massively}

Feb 13th 2010 11:44AM I was so tired of previous F2P MMORPGs all doing the same thing, which was basically you lose a percentage of EXP, meaning it set you back in time.

Runes of Magic never takes away EXP but puts it into a debt, so you make less, while paying off that debt. Also things like dying too often actually starts to affect overall TP gain, so you definitely get the sense of not wanting to die, or too often, while not being so annoyed by the EXP loss.

Runes of Magic Chapter III to arrive in May {Massively}

Feb 11th 2010 9:19PM By creating that argument you've opened up to the prospect of who's cashing in on other brands? RoM by coming up with their own name Dalanis, that some, who have played WoW think it's similar to the name Dala(ra)nis used in WoW, or WoW who uses other brands like Mr. T and other blatant pop culture references which are slight name changes that are supposed to be recognized as funny and kitsch?

In the world of fantasy, WoW is just a grain of sand. I'm certainly not going to find any fault in a book that comes out next week that has someone or somewhere named Dalanis or Dalaranis. I'm not going to say anyone is less unique or copying by using something in the work that they refer to as a King of Liches.

WoW's entire sub-genre of elves bears striking resemblance in pronunciation and sound to Tolkiens brand of Elven names and language.

There's many different levels to what names you use and how you use them. There could be fantasy stories that stick with very simple and/or repeated names that have wonderful story, why others may have painstakingly made sure they have all totally new sounding names but the story stinks.

To me, it trivializes someone finding a handful of words in one game, that sound similar to words in another, and doesn't mean.

It's akin to players who see artwork and concept art for MMORPGs. If the artwork doesn't have lots of detailed textures and pointy spikes coming out everywhere, then it is "generic", when really it's a lack of art appreciation.

Runes of Magic Chapter III to arrive in May {Massively}

Feb 11th 2010 3:56PM I've read over the features. It all looks like it will be a lot of fun. I'm mostly interested in lore, a larger world, and I'm very curious about the difficulty setting on instances.

@Dude It may look similar and maybe it is. But they make hundreds of games, all over the world, on changing around just 1 letter or syllable to make entirely new words. Arthus/Arthur, Lich King/Witch King, etc....

Anti-Aliased: Why play a game when I can pay someone to play it for me pt. 2 {Massively}

Feb 11th 2010 3:44PM I'm guessing you debated on whether to post this in light of the fact it won't affect much change, if any?
Of course, I'm not disagreeing. You are saying what I and the hoi polloi have been wanting to say and know that a majority of people will read it.
People will base their arguments on opinions. Opinions that vary like fingerprints.
Some will be totally on one side, and totally on the other, and still love this article. But of course, I know, you and I both couldn't, shouldn't, and won't ever just "rant" and be more direct(we'd just loose our readers).
People are going to be approaching this with different background knowledge and beliefs on how the system(s) operate which will convolute and just continue the never ending debate today.
There's many rumors that people believe about developers wanting goldsellers, and a number of other ideas.
Players also play for many different reasons which they believe in. I'm sure you, as well as I, never go to game forums for discussion anymore. One person says this drop rate is too slow, the others say cash shop games ruin games.
Those are based on so many different reasons. But no one wants to back all the way up, and agree on a firm foundation to build the debates on, that you are now confronting.
So now players will just say "Well I do it because the game sucks, and the endgame is the only fun part", or vice versa.
But....I am still happy to read this. I think it was worth printing. We need reminders, and humor. You gave us both. Thanks.
I would just add that we as people need to empathize. We have this wonderful tool called the internet. Let's use it to learn how to learn. Read about debates, about how to argue a point, read how people play these games for other than wanting to skip every level, so they can be max level and obtain the highest gear, to be the best on the server, and therefore think that's the point of the game, and everything that doesn't aid you in that is pointless. Read how someone who played a game for a year more than you and is still only mid-level and has no where near the gear you have, still is just as important as you, in that game and very well could have had a lot more fun playing the game than you, and that is the point of playing a have fun.

The Queue: Roflstomping bosses in patch 4.0.2 {WoW}

Feb 10th 2010 9:54PM I started playing about 3 months before they did away with the Amani warbear, but not before I saw it, and fell in love with it, then had the possibility bitterly stripped from my grasp.

Ugh, It always seems to happen to me, I find a game, find something about it I love, then right after that, it's taken away from me :)

The Daily Grind: What IP do you want to see as an MMO? {Massively}

Feb 6th 2010 12:12PM Fantasy: Earthsea by Ursula K. LeGuin- My favorite books and not just good fantasy, but truly unique, one-of-a-kind, real, and new mythology she developed(yes from existing sources- for all you purists out there :) )
Sci-fi: the Honorverse by David Webber. Perfect reskin for EVE. Take EVE, slap a new face on it, tweak some systems, and BAM! (Hey, I am all for "innovation" but let's not forget that while innovation is fun, fun doesn't need innovation).