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The Daily Grind: What bad habits stick with you every game? {Massively}

Oct 5th 2009 8:18AM Definitely going to have to be ALTAHOLISM. Remember, kids: Altaholism is a disease.

Five reasons to play Aion (continued) {Massively}

Sep 19th 2009 6:41PM 1. Yes it is. Many (read: most) people who'ved played in Korea and China and are on top right now have leveled from 1-50 alone, or with a small group. You do not HAVE to group in this game, you can go from 1-50 BY YOURSELF the ENTIRE WAY.

a. This is not a PVE game. It is not geared towards PVE players. After level 25, it is an open PVPVE zone where you can be attacked at any time by monsters as well as players of the opposite faction. If you can't handle it, run back to World of Fisher Price and leave the good games to the people who wear big-boy pants.
b. That said, there ARE RAIDS in this game. Several of them. There are plenty of instances. Most of them are dependant on which Fortresses your faction currently holds, but you don't have to actively win the fortress to take part in the instances. The instances are pretty stonking awesome as well: they pit you against the opposite faction, even crossing over in parts in a PVP zone to get to the final areas.

3. No.

4. By saying it's "limited to certain maps" you could also say that WOW flying mounts are "limited to certain maps" in that any zones after the most earliest of early zones. After you left Azeroth, you could fly wherever in the hell you wanted, right? Well, after you head to the Abyss you can (and will) fly wherever in the hell you want as well. Flight time regenerates quickly, and can be buffed, and augmented with gear. Hell, Priests (both archetypes) have spells that basically allow you to stay in the air almost indefinitely. There are customizable mana stones ("gems" for the wowtards) that you can put in hot-swappable gear to increase your fight times, potions, and buffs. The flight system is a LOT DEEPER than the uninformed schlocks like to pass it off as.

5. Nobody played Dungeon Keepers even when it came out, and Tabula Rasa was not their fault. End of story. Get over yourselves, cry some more, etc. etc. TR was shite anyway.

That about sum it up for you, sport? Good, now go run along and play with your warlock or something.

NCsoft's strict server balance policy for Aion {Massively}

Sep 19th 2009 11:53AM More proof that you can't please everybody...

Quitcherbitchin. If you don't like nice, balanced servers, go play Alliance and suck your thumb with the rest of the "Baby's First MMO" tards.

NCsoft's strict server balance policy for Aion {Massively}

Sep 19th 2009 11:47AM Because not getting to pick your class/race/server before everybody else is the same thing as your losing your parents. I hope your parents really do die so you can see how goddamn slack-jawed retarded you sound. My parents died when I was very young, but not too young to understand what pain and loss is. You are a disgusting abomination, less than human, for even BEGINNING to compare a VIDEO GAME to that amount of pain.

Would you have been faster you would have gotten your desired spots anyway, I logged in minutes after the servers went up, I have 2 characters rolled on a locked server right now.

Aion: Say goodbye to GameGuard (for now...) {Massively}

Sep 18th 2009 12:36PM I have Massively on my RSS feed, which I read almost hourly. Since NDA lifted I've seen nearly nothing about Aion out of Massively. They were too busy slavering over their own boners re: Champions Online, possibly the least "MMO" of MMOGs made in recent years.

Aion: Say goodbye to GameGuard (for now...) {Massively}

Sep 18th 2009 12:32PM Warhammer looked like ass and was broken when it was released.
AoC was VERY broken when it was released.
AION's US release is not broken (speaking relatively of course, there will always be bugs), and definitely does NOT look like ass. It's been one of Korea and China's top games for a year now. It will do well in America. Period.

Aion: Say goodbye to GameGuard (for now...) {Massively}

Sep 18th 2009 12:29PM If you don't want to play a PVP game, don't play a PVP game. There's A LOT of PVE games out there right now, help yourself.

Aion: Say goodbye to GameGuard (for now...) {Massively}

Sep 18th 2009 12:01PM I'm glad to hear they won't be including GameGuard. It gave a LOT of people problems in Open Beta. Even if it means a few more people cheating (which they will most likely be caught doing and PERMABANNED), it means literally thousands of people will be able to log in Tuesday and jump right into the game without any problems.

Massively needs/ed to do more articles on Aion throughout open beta, it never even made it into a Betawatch article. This is one of the biggest games coming out this year, it will be bigger than LOTRO and WAR both. Of course, it won't end up killing WOW (as much as it needs to die a million deaths), a lot of people are leaving other games to play Aion. It's very polished and well-designed game that has nothing but a bright future ahead of it for fans of high-action combat and innovative PVP.

The Daily Grind: Will you be playing Aion open beta this weekend? {Massively}

Sep 4th 2009 8:55AM Bet your ass I will! I can't wait for this to drop on the 22nd. Champions is nice and all, but it doesn't have that "classic MMO" feel that I've been craving ever since I left WOW while it was circling the drain. And the new expansion's going to make it even worse. Oh well. And nothing of value was lost, as they say.