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The curious case of Ferarro {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2009 12:09PM Yes, it is true that Paladin Schmaladin had the video up before TechDarling did. It's gone now, but someone can find a Google cache easily, I presume. Here's some interesting thoughts on the matter:

1. The video was NOT available to view on YouTube (at the time I posted my above comment), both in a search for the title "TechDarling Response to Ferarro Identity Crisis," and in the user's page that it was posted in! Must have been a private (i.e., not available for public search, but available for embedding from the author) video... Then how did Paladin Schmaladin have the video up before TechDarling? ... Some may say a funny coincidence. TechDarling writes,

"P.S. My apologies to any of you who saw the first unedited version of this, which she so kindly posted on her blog (briefly) for you all to see, before I even put it up."

But the funny thing is... the versions are the same, and there are no significant editing differences. But once again, how was she able to post a video... on a blog... without even being able to view the video (unless it was her video)...?

2. Additionally, has anyone noticed the general insouciance that Sarah Townsend has taken towards this subject? If this is indeed identity theft, and not a Middle School prank as I'm starting to think it is, Sarah Townsend is acting quite near the opposite of what I would assume she would act. Instead of surprise and anger, or desire for truth, she seems to think, "Screw it. Ferarro, just keep blogging! Kthxbai!" Not only is this quite absurd, in the face of "identity theft," but also rather insulting. Does she not know that identity theft is rather... crippling? In this case, identity theft has not hit big: no credit cards were stolen, no reputation is ruined (yet), etc. BUT STILL! The fact that Sarah Townsend seeks to end the matter by "just blogging" is a slap in the face to the justice system, all the people that have been affected by identity theft, and all those who have worked hard to fight against it.

Sarah Townsend seems to think (remember: actions speak louder than words) that it's okay or at least unpunishable. Hell, she can do whatever she wants with prosecution IF she wanted to... But the fact that she seems to care less about supposedly "having her identity stolen by a WoW gamer," and more about her blog getting unexpected traffic, simply points out some interesting things about the situation.

The curious case of Ferarro {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2009 4:03AM Hahahaha and now it's gone. Well, it has been for a bit.

Yeah, Ferarro, you've got some explaining to do.

The curious case of Ferarro {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2009 2:33AM Here's a fun tidbit: the "clarification" video by Sarah Townsend was posted on Ferarro's blog ( before it was posted on Sarah Townsend's own blog ( ...


As of this post being submitted, it STILL isn't on TechDarling but has been on Ferarro's blog for at least 10 minutes.