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The Daily Grind: What game would you play were it not for the community? {Massively}

Mar 27th 2012 11:51AM WoW players are the reason I shy away from group content in almost every MMO I play. I shudder to consider even the possibility of sharing a PUG with that kind of epeen-waving, ragequitting, AFK'ing, ninja-looting, blame-everyone-but-themselves moron. In any game.

Guild Counsel: The dreaded guild meet-and-greet {Massively}

Jul 8th 2011 10:43AM You can use free web-based project management tools such as Teambox to help organize something like a guild meetup. It can help calendaring, task assignments, contact lists, 1-to-1 or group communication, document storage and updates, map links, and more.

E3 2011: Nival announces Facebook-integrated MMO Prime World {Massively}

Jun 8th 2011 6:55AM Mixing the archetypical trash-talking tea-bagging pre-pubescent PvPer with real names and real life friends on Facebook. Now there's a recipe for trouble.

Win a new Wizard101 pet and accessories from Massively! {Massively}

Jun 4th 2011 5:05PM I love the unique combat system, and the fact that young and old can enjoy the game together with equal enjoyment. Wizard101 is exactly how a family MMO should be.

The Daily Grind: Is free-for-all PvP a dealbreaker? {Massively}

Jun 3rd 2011 8:18AM Absolutely a dealbreaker. I can't count the number of games I've read about here on Massively, and think they sound really fun, only to find out they're PvP games. I lose all interest immediately.

I would absolutely love EVE without the threat of PvP. Take away non-consensual PvP and the ability to waltz up to my jetcan and steal my stuff (at least in Empire) and I'd never stop playing that game.

The Daily Grind: What bug has been around forever? {Massively}

Feb 15th 2011 3:02PM SWG still has bugs the game launched with.

The Daily Grind: Is the sub fee preventing you from playing DC Universe Online? {Massively}

Jan 24th 2011 9:39AM I'm not concerned about the subscription cost. But I'm not dropping $50-60 in retail cost without ever trying it.

I've been burned before. No demo, no sale.

The Soapbox: Sandboxes and the cop-out of FFA PvP {Massively}

Jan 4th 2011 12:29PM Themepark MMO's take a long time and a lot of effort to build. Sandbox PvP games? Much quicker and easier, the players are the content so the devs don't need to make any. That doesn't have to be the case, but sadly often is. My hat is off to Adventurine, though, who's proven a small indie team can make a good and meaningful PvP MMO.

It's dollars that decide which games get published, and those dollars are controlled by investors who often insist on comparison with WoW and the other big-hitters, hence all the themepark MMO's. It's a proven formula, and when you're risking millions, only proven formulae are acceptable.

It's only in the last few years that AAA-quality tools have come within the financial reach of the indie developer, engines like Unity3D. You're going to see more indie MMO's like Love, I'll guarantee you. It just takes a lot of time for a small team to produce content.

Massively's 2010 Player's Choice Awards results {Massively}

Jan 3rd 2011 7:20PM I'm not usually critical, but the best crafting in a 2010 MMO is handing mats to an NPC to buy the crafted item?

Updated: On the twelfth day of giveaways, Cryptic gave to me... {Massively}

Dec 24th 2010 9:46PM I was hoping to see a deal on STO this Christmas. A key or a lifetime sub from Massively would be the best gift of all!