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MMO Family: Do kids belong in guilds? {Massively}

Apr 4th 2012 7:26PM People always bring up maturity for keeping out kids, but a bigger point is, sometimes adults make adult jokes, and it's just really creepy when kids are around to hear it. It's even worse if the kid laughs or joins in. It's a great way to make the adults feel super creepy super fast.

I remember one of my guildies invited his sister to the guild, he was 26, so we all think "okay another adult, that's fine." and we had a running chest joke, so I made a joke to include her into our chest joke to her brother, to have him say, "She's 13." And boy did I feel horrible and creepy, even the GM didn't know her age, and we had to ask him to move her to a new guild, since ours was strictly 18+, for chest joke reasons.

Adults aren't always mature, but our immature behavior should generally never be exposed to younger players. This is often the main reason for 18+/21+/25+, let us have our fun without having to watch what we say please.

The Soapbox: Casual is as casual does {Massively}

Apr 4th 2012 10:15AM @OutThere Pretty much this. And add in loot drama, and it's gotten to the point, I no longer want to share loot with anyone. I'd rather have a chance at my only little loot bubble in all situations, and in that case, why not just play a single player game? Or a small multiplayer game if I feel, I can't trust anyone with loot?

Here's an example... I was gearing my Blood DK in the new 5 mans. I was running 2-7 a day for gear. My mace drops, nope druid took it. Whatever, it'll drop again. My tanking trinket drops, nope warrior took it. Argh! Welll it'll drop again. My tanking belt drops, no pally took it. Sigh, whatever it'll drop again. And after doing this for 5 days, I realized, I really didn't want to deal with this anymore. I'm going along on my hamster wheel like everyone else, and every day there's someone who throws a pole in my wheel and laughs when I do a little tumble around, breaking my rhythm. Now it might be selfish of me, but I'm spending so much time in those 5mans, it's just not fun when someone takes a piece I need forcing me to run it again and again for that piece. Some people might be okay with that, but I'm not anymore. I don't need gear handed to me, but I don't need it 'stolen' from me either. So I'm taking my hamster wheel and going back single player.

Prime World charges women less to play, 'protects' them in mixed groups [Updated] {Massively}

Apr 3rd 2012 4:36PM @(Unverified) This. It's not as bad as it used to be with "OMG it's a girl!", but you still get it from time to time. And there's always some guy who has to say something like this "A girl gamer? She must be fat or a dog then, there are no hot gamers." in some futile and immature attempt to get a picture of you, so you can prove your gender and looks. It's pretty demeaning.

So yep... pass!

The Daily Grind: Would you pay extra for a filtered community? {Massively}

Mar 29th 2012 10:52AM I wouldn't pay more than 15 bucks, infact, i don't even want to pay that anymore, my limit is about 8 to 10 bucks now, that's what I'm looking to pay, so no.

However with sites like Wikipedia using unpaid work force of geeks who write and maintain articles and it's doing extremely well, why can't we impliment players like this? Give certain individuals the power to protect and enforce these laws of the realm. You'd still have GMs for more complex tasks, but a lot of the players can answer simple questions, stop spam, and even answer technical questions. It seems many companies do not give their player base enough credit. Perhaps the players who do this, can earn cheaper subscription costs, or certain vanity rewards. However wiki editors get nothing, but the satisifaction of building a great site and it's working. I'm sure every MMO has hundreds of players capiable of handling these duties.

The Mittani gets hit with ban and resigns in wake of EVE Online controversy {Massively}

Mar 29th 2012 10:16AM @MorbidCuriousity I agree. When Blizzard had that little video drama at Blizzcon, I was upset because they were bringing the feud between alliance and horde outside of the game. All the War in warcraft belongs in the game, not outside of it. And this is true for every game. People who perform such actions outside of the game shold be bopped on the head with a ban-hammer so fast and so hard they won't know what hit them. I cannot understand why you'd allow your players to harass people in real life outside of this game.

Using this as a simple example, it seems to me CCP is like a grunt in dog fighting. He sets up a system where the dogs become vicious, than gives them places them to fight each other and then washes his hands and says "Oh not my fault, no. I just gave them the arena, it's their choice to fight." Bah, I'm so happy I bailed on EVE, I only played it for a month or two experimenting and mostly just farming, until I realized I was paying to play a game where I was mostly afk while my ship harvested an asteroid.

MapleStory gets political, players respond with bewilderment {Massively}

Mar 28th 2012 9:52AM @Fabius Bile Hey now, I like to think of my self as a decent adult, but I think maplestory cute. I tried playing it for a while, but I felt too creepy since the majority of players were kids/teens. I almost wish they had 'adult' servers for older players, not 'adult' topics, I'd just rather play with people closer to my own age than 12 year olds, it makes me feel out of place and creepy.

Mists of Pandaria: Raid Finder loot system changes clarified {WoW}

Mar 19th 2012 8:20PM Honestly, it doesn't matter how easy it is to meet the item level requirement, it be helpful to have a tiny chance to get offset gear in LFR. It rarely happens with people always taking pieces now in LFR, and yes the bar of entry is low, but it still would be very helpful. It doesn't have to be a good chance, but a low one would be nice.

Blizzard further explains the new Scroll of Resurrection {WoW}

Mar 17th 2012 9:55AM Small tokens indeed, for a company that made 4.2 billion(2 billion profit) according to the stock info.

Enter at Your Own Rift: Revisiting anonymity in our games {Massively}

Mar 14th 2012 6:37PM Honestly I think BattleTags like Blizzard is going might be the best idea. No more personal names, but it still works like RealID. I'd be fine with my BattleTag being displayed on the forums, something that uniquely identifies me, without giving any personal information other than what's in the game.

Honestly I think social networking online needs to go, because people are abusing it.

WoW Moviewatch: ZA {WoW}

Mar 9th 2012 2:46PM It ate part of my post...
Them - (Insert Canada jokes for the next 5 minutes)