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The curious case of Ferarro {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2009 4:29PM This whole thing is a little iffy.

Ferraro has not posted any proper reason as to why she did as she did. Or he, whatever. And Sarah (Techdarling) is a bit too calm about this whole thing. True, people react differently to things, but still. I mean, if someone went around stealing my identity, I'd be freaked out then royally pissed.

When asked Ferraro for a proper excuse she basically just said: "Meh."

I don't believe the whole 7 Ferraro thing either. It just seems like a piss poor excuse when she got busted.

Concerning the video that was posted on Paladin Schmaladin, there was a comment below it saying: "There you have it." Why? We already knew Sarah wasn't Ferraro. Doesn't make any sense, really.