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The one WoW wow moment {WoW}

Sep 25th 2006 12:48PM My WoW moment came a full 10 months after starting. I was already a level 60 Gnome Mage, but one who refused to ride a mechanical chicken, so I still ran everywhere. I had been working for several months to reach exalted with Stormwind so I could get my Horse. I had heard of others who had non-racial mounts, but on my server I had never seen anybody.

Finally that day came when I made my last Runecloth turn in and secured my Horse. I immediately rode from Dun Morough to Stormwind to show off my mount to some guildies, but as a walked slowly into to most of the characters just ignored me, but As I can to the main intersection of the near I passed three Gnomes levels 50-something and 2 60's.

When I walked past they all stop and turned to look at me on my horse. Finally one of them cheered, then others seemed to realize that I had a non-racial mount and other started cheering.

A moment I will never forget and almost impossible to imagine happening in a game.

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Breakfast Topic: Creepiest WoW Moment {WoW}

Sep 1st 2006 9:54AM Mine was not a place. After taking a short break from a solo session I came back and found a near naked Warrior with a huge sword linked to me by /follow. I tried to play with him trailing along, but I would catch glimses of that big sword and it was messing with my mind. I finally just logged off. Never did find out who, what or why. Not sure I wanted to know, but I was creep'ed out for sure.

Breakfast Topic: Favorite New Mount? {WoW}

Aug 15th 2006 12:31PM I play a Gnome/Mage who took several months to earn the needed reputation to ride a Horse. Now at level 60 as much as I would like to see him on Elekk, I cannot concieve of spending months grinding XP with the Draenei when my peers will be questing and raiding from level 60 to 70 and working on thier flying mounts.

I seriously doubt at any but a mere handful will ever attempt to get a cross-class mount before they go after their Flying Mount.

Feathermoon Server
Owner/Operator of Trout's Fishing School and Guide Service