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Recent hotfixes: goodbye, BC dungeon chests {WoW}

Jun 7th 2009 8:26PM Now hold to hell up. Gold sellers exploiting mechanics to get the loots? Get real. Lvll 80 tank class + blacksmithing or rogue or really, any class that can do good dps and people with a bit of patience/time on their hands could get to all these chests just fine.

i used ramparts normal runs to pay my raid bills since the release of wrath - enough blacksmithing for keys, shadow meld (which btw wasnt necessary just sped things up) and not taking much damage while killing stuff 20 levels below me = pretty easy.

Definately didnt hve a damned thing to do with gold sellers beyond the simple fact that they just likely did it 5x every hour every day instead of the maybe 20 total runs a week people like me did.

Lame removal - soloing instancse for their drops/chests has been done since the initial release of WoW at various levels. Removing it now is just one more thing gone that reminded me of my early days and one more thing forcing me to do daily's - which is to say one less reason for me to continue playing WoW.