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Shifting Perspectives: Embracing the hybrid nature of feral druids {WoW}

Mar 15th 2011 11:11AM @Alaron

If sudden and unexpected tank-death occurs around 30%, in the modern raid environment, the encounter is pretty much over. I'm betting that even if there's a skilled hybrid Feral player in the group prepared to fast-shift and taunt, the boss is still likely to one-shot some poor melee dps, or be pulled out of position by a high-threat ranged. And positioning is a huge deal in most fights; causing your healers or casters to have to move instantly drops their throughput. I'm not saying it's impossible to recover from tank-death, but it's not as simple as having a "herobear" and winning. In a lot of cases, you're only going to prolong the inevitable.

As far as bosses in Bastion go, I still think that you're looking at:
Halfus - Two tanks, argument can be made for going into DPS mode during the last 50%, as long as the Slate Dragon isn't up.
Valiona and Theralion - One tank, the other can change to their DPS spec.
Ascendant Counsel - Two tanks until the last phase; the last phase is a "burn" phase, so any added dps is nice, but it's tuned for 5 (of 10) dps to be able to do it. While 5.8 (of 10) dps might be nice, I doubt it would be a noticeable difference.
Cho'Gall - Two tanks with tank switching for pretty much the whole fight, and add collection for most of the fight. I'm not too sure where a hybrid would have much time to go DPS mode, or be safe doing it, because of the encounter's mechanics.

Conclave does have a "burn" phase if you save Nezir till the end, so I'll concede that that fight is compatible with a hybrid, but with the amount of AoE magic damage that goes out, I'd think that the benefit of Perseverance would be missed. I've only ever seen Akir done with one tank.

Shifting Perspectives: Embracing the hybrid nature of feral druids {WoW}

Mar 14th 2011 9:43AM Typo in the first sentence:
"The whole problem with the "hybrid Feral" concept is that it's *not* necessary."

Shifting Perspectives: Embracing the hybrid nature of feral druids {WoW}

Mar 14th 2011 9:38AM The whole problem with the "hybrid Feral" concept is that it's necessary.

There will be some times that you can save the day if you're a Cat that quick-shifts to Bear, taunts, and holds the boss for the last few percent to save an encounter. But I've seen DPS Warriors and Ret Paladins do the same thing; swap to a one-hander and shield, taunt, blow cooldowns and win. They didn't spec, glyph, and gear to be able to do that. They just had a semi-decent shield in their bag, and a good macro.

My point is that if you're a "hybrid Feral" DPS, you're basically setting yourself up for an emergency situation that may or may not happen.

If you're a "hybrid Feral" tank, you're just not necessary in this current raid environment. Look some encounters:
Omnotron - Two tanks, always tanking.
Maloriak - Two tanks, always tanking.
Atramedes - One tank, the other can change to their DPS spec.
Chimaeron - One tank, the other can change to their DPS spec. Or two tanks, with tank switching, but the time between Breaks staking would barely be enough to get through a full Cat rotation.
Halfus - Two tanks, argument can be made for going into DPS mode during the last 50%, as long as the Slate Dragon isn't up.
Valiona and Theralion - One tank, the other can change to their DPS spec.

The only encounter that's really designed in such a way that being a Hybrid is rewarding is Magmaw, because there's a long(ish) period where one tank doesn't do any tanking, and they can take full advantage of the "Vulnerability" phase while DPS mode. Short of that, current encounters don't have the Vanilla or BC modeling that involves off-tanks grabbing short lived adds (Atumen, Karathress, Tidewalker, Faerlina) or long predictable tank swaps (again, with the exception of Magmaw), and then either standing there or DPSing; those were the fights where hybrid Feral shined, but that doesn't seem to be the direction encounter design is headed.

Shifting Perspectives: Embracing the hybrid nature of feral druids {WoW}

Mar 14th 2011 9:03AM Personally, my issue is not so much that DKs are getting a battle res. It's that they can use it while tanking, and I (as a feral tank) can't.

A Blood DK main tank will be able to say "I'm going to reposition the boss so I can res PlayerX," do so, hit their button, and go on with the fight.

A Feral tank has to have an available off-tank to take the boss, or they're almost guaranteed to die in painful and messy ways upon dropping Bear Form and casting Rebirth (boss downtime mechanics and epic healer cooldowns notwithstanding).

Ferals have always been balanced around having the great utility that the Druid class comes with, but I've never really seen any admission that Ferals have to work harder for that utility than any other spec/class. The only thing remotely similar had been Warrior stances, but the trend has been to make everything important usable in any stance as of late. Frequently, Bears just get stuck unable to take advantage of the group-saving abilities that other druid specs and other classes can access freely.

Know Your Lore: Fandral, Feralas, and the struggle of the Green Dragonflight {WoW}

Jan 31st 2011 10:50AM Unless they pull something totally surprising and add a Zone in a future Cataclysm patch, I'm hoping that they save Azshara and N'zoth for a future expansion. Nazjatar deserves to be an actual zone.

Plus, I'm thinking Azshara is still a little out of player-character league at this point. In War of the Ancients, Mannoroth mentions that Azshara's power is seemingly only surpassed by Kil'jaeden, Archimonde, and Sargeras himself. Granted we've fought Kil'jaeden, but not at full power, and we've deus-ex-machina-ed Archimonde to death.

We do supposedly have an Abyssal Maw coming eventually. It'd be great to see that raid set Azshara and N'zoth up as big ticket enemies for the next expansion. I also would be surprised if Azshara didn't have a cameo in the War of the Ancients raid.

While we're not running out of enemies or bosses in Warcraft, bosses with "name cred" are becoming fewer and fewer.

What's happening with those new race/class combos, anyway? {WoW}

May 15th 2010 10:01AM Gnomes don't really lend themselves to deity worship, but the Light isn't about that. The Light is more of a philosophy; it's about believe, faith, and moral rightness that leads to righteousness (justified conduct). As seen with the Scarlets, your moral view don't even have to be congruent with those of the majority, so long as your truly believe in it.

Gnomes already find themselves in a decent moral position: they trend away from deceit; as it's not an efficient means of conveying ideas, the don't covet property or power; only seeking social recognition for their accomplishments, and they tend to gladly devote themselves when asked for assistance in something that falls into their specialty.

So what do Gnomes believe in? What do they have faith in? Their inventions, their discoveries! These are things that they count on, things that keep them grounded and directed; things that give them inner strength. Other races of Priests might run into battle singing hymns or reciting prayers; Gnomes should shout formula, hum postulates, and chant mathematical constants. These things are the lenses through which they experience the world, and as such they are the foundation for faith and moral growth. What's more is this opens the way for the veneration of ancestors as past inventors whose theories made your inventions possible.

Just my thoughts.

"For Pythago Pistongrit and the sanctity of the triangle! For Gnomeregan!"

Breakfast Topic: Mister Jones and me {WoW}

Mar 26th 2010 8:31AM In Shattrath, one or two of the bridges out from the middle (I think it was the one to the north east, though it may have been the south east) has exposed slats underneath, which one can fly between and stand on top of. My druid enjoyed flitting around under the bridge and watch the Lower City. It's not a hard "secret spot" to find, but few people seem to know about it or bother being there.

Know Your Lore: The Netherwing, page 3 {WoW}

Mar 7th 2010 12:05PM I'm surprised this article didn't mention Obsidian Sanctum. Dargonax was the first Twilight drake, and from what I recall, had not yet been allowed to reach full strength when he was killed. Vesperon, Shadron and Tenebron, the drakes of Obsidian Sanctum, are all products of the initial success in Night of the Dragon.

With the upcoming assault on the Ruby Sanctum, for the first time in game, we'll face off against a Twilight drake presumably at full power. Halion tells us "Cower mortals before the Herald of Deathwing!" so my guess is that we haven't seen the last of them.

Breakfast Topic: What Race or Organization should make a return in the Expansion? {WoW}

Jul 14th 2009 10:51AM I fail to see how the existence of the Tauren is a proper justification for Worgan to be a player race. Especially since the two have little interaction and nothing in common.

Tauren might be "uncool" for some, but the lore surrounding them have been built upon since WCIII. They're Kalimdor natives with strong Druidic ties, which gives them common ground with the Night Elves; depending on who you ask one may have tutored the other in such arts at some point in prehistory. The Tauren have their nurturing side as well as their strong martial tradition, which makes them dynamic and balanced; they have at least something that can be related to. They even have their "darker" side with the Grimtotems, which builds depth and intrigue into their story.

Worgan are missing any and all of this depth and balance.

Breakfast Topic: What Race or Organization should make a return in the Expansion? {WoW}

Jul 14th 2009 10:35AM I've never understood the allure of player Worgen. I mean, they're neat and all; big-anthropomorphic-wolf-things which is cool, but the lore just doesn't support it.

The WoW RPG Monster Guide says "According to sources held by the undead, the worgen come from another dimension, and exist only to terrorize and destroy. These creatures are thoroughly evil, delighting in torturing and devouring intelligent creatures. They enjoy hearing the screams of their victims as they tear them apart piece by piece. Worgen never show mercy or remorse."

Further The Book of Ur in game states that "The worgen's home is a dark place, a place of nightmare. If that world fosters locations safe from the cursed Worgen, then my research has revealed no such bastions. And if one considers the ferocity and wickedness of the Worgen, it is likely that no such bastions exist."

This isn't really the description of a good player race; all of the current races are much more dynamic than this. It would take a lot of back peddling to go from "they're just really evil, really" to "I'm a Stoic Anti-Hero of the Horde/Alliance."

But hey, maybe they just were drinking Pit Lord blood or something.