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Scattered Shots: BlizzCon hunter info roundup {WoW}

Oct 28th 2011 1:58PM @Scott: there's another ranged weapon, the thrown weapon used by rogues.
At the moment this is core to their only aoe ability, fan of knives.
So that skill will have to be completely redone to work off of their main hand weapon instead (which might be a problem for combat rogues not using daggers, maybe the skill will like so many rogue skills work only with daggers but that would nerf combat rogues even more than they already have been).

Scattered Shots: Hunter class feedback {WoW}

Sep 15th 2011 11:30PM pretty much so. Of course the Euro forums were awash with complaints about Blizzard asking for feedback at all, often from the same individuals who've always complained about Blizzard not listening to them...

But mostly that wasn't from the hunter community.

What surprised me was the small number of people trying to abuse the threads to ask for nerfs to hunters. Either (for once) they were listening to the blue post (highly unlikely) or the cms were actively policing the thread and removing any such posts almost as quickly as they appeared.

Don't know about the US forums, but the EU ones are just about the most immature bunch of whiners and crybabies I've ever encountered online (and I've been online for going on 20 years now).

Breakfast Topic: What are your rules of engagement for world PVP? {WoW}

Sep 11th 2011 12:36PM Only 1 rule for world pvp (or indeed any pvp): don't.
I'll defend myself if attacked, and may defend a quest hub if that's attacked (like hordies raiding stormwind) but that's it.

WoW Rookie: How to deal with disruptive players and hate speech {WoW}

Aug 12th 2011 10:15AM The attitude thus is that hate speech, harassment, insults, verbal abuse are all "normal" and "to be expected".
Which of course is the very reason the community has the abysmal name that it does!

Such things should never be expected, people should behave like civilised human beings towards each other!

I don't mind the occasional expletive when things go wrong, but it should neither be continuous, the normal way people communicate, nor aimed at specific people.
Such things are the reasons I stopped queueing for random dungeons once I hit the zone where you meet lvl85 players, who seem by far the worst offenders. I now run guild runs exclusively, with maybe 1-2 outsiders to fill the slots, outsiders who tend to behave once they notice everyone else is in the same guild (probably afraid to get kicked :) ).

It's be far the worst I've seen it in any mmo (and I've played a lot of them over the years), with maybe the exception being some f2p Korean grinders (but even there... and they tend to deal with it harshly when you file a complaint, especially the ones run by Asian companies but aimed at a western audience).

Trying out the new Insight in Spain at the EcoDesafĂ­o Honda Insight {Autoblog Green}

Jun 9th 2009 1:28PM The Civic Hybrid sells rather well in at least parts of Europe.
With car sales slumping 25% over the last year in the Netherlands, the Civic has risen from almost no sales in 2007 (just a few hundred units) to being the 3rd best selling car in the country by mid 2009.
There's still a roughly 5 month wait to get one, the factory just can't deliver them quickly enough.

Introduction of the Insight should alleviate the pressure a bit, unless of course the Insight will be built on the same production line, reducing production numbers of the Civic.

A main reason for the popularity of the Civic is that it's about 20% cheaper to buy than is an equivalently equipped Prius, and looks a lot better too.
And it's costing Toyota. Company I work for has a fleet of some 800 vehicles, drivers can choose what they want from pretty much everything on the market within a price bracket containing both.
We're taking delivery of 1, sometimes 2, new Civics a week, compared to maybe 1 Prius a month. That's more than any other model car (with 800 cars in service and a 4 year lease on each, we replace roughly 4 cars a week on average).

In Spain (where this article was probably written) the situation is different as the prices of fuel are far lower there (a few weeks ago the difference was about 25 cents per liter, or roughly 20%) and there may not be the tax incentives on hybrids that we have in the Netherlands that make them economical to buy (without that incentive they would be out of the price bracket where most new cars are sold and therefore never sell nearly the number that are sold now).