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The Queue: Alex talks mostly about RIFT due to lack of anything better {WoW}

Feb 7th 2011 12:55PM Sorrowsong is for sure a dps trinket. Honestly, I am getting a sick of all the dps rolling on healing loot, I am not talking about , boomkins, ele shamans, and shadow priests. I am talking about the magi and warlocks that roll on the healing loot 90% of the time. I know reforging is super cool but there is no logic in taking loot from a healer, unless you want to never be healed again. Please grow up people, stop being rude and wait for your loot like the rest of us.

Spiritual Guidance: Holy Priest 101, part 2 {WoW}

Jan 11th 2011 1:44AM I hope it was a good day, Happy Birthday!

The Queue: Don't care {WoW}

Dec 4th 2010 5:18PM well then, i do not think it has anything to do with what you are saying. The free trade agreement encompasses goods, and how our companies trade these goods between the countries in the trade agreement. This is the point of having one in the first place. I think you may be misunderstanding what these agreements entail. So, the only thing that can be added when you pay duty is the taxes of the area in which you bought a product. I buy something in Montana and cross the border to Alberta; i have to pay states said tax on those products. So what are we left with ? We have population and demand of products, transportation of products and that is about it. As far as i can tell American prices stand in Alaska, so transportation isn't an issue. Even if there were only 500000 Canadians buying this product it still wouldn't substantiate a ten dollar increase in price. So i guess we are left with one other thing , the companies selling blizzard's products. I think this is where the problem could possibly be. I was hoping for a concrete answer though and not some speculation as to what is the real answer. Blizzards price on the product is 39.99 American, other companies are marking it up. I do not know what you know Artificial because i can not read your mind; nor can you read mine. I would appreciate any assumption on what i know or don't to be disregarded.

The Queue: Don't care {WoW}

Dec 4th 2010 2:26PM almost all products are grossly inflated in cost. I was reading an article the other day saying that on average products are 30-50% marked up when shipped back to Canada. Most resources are refined in Canada and even a large portion of the parts used to make finished goods, then they are sent to the states at reduced cost without tariffs and sent back to us taxed and everything as a finished product. This is the advantage i am talking about. As to getting a blizzard employ or Wow insider employ to comment to my stuff; I put it out there in hope. I do not see my expectations being to high because Wow insider and blizzard employees both read this. Bioware is a Canadian company, i actually went to high school across the street from there original office (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada- Whyte Ave), and Canadians still receive an increased price on their products as far as i can tell.

The Queue: Don't care {WoW}

Dec 4th 2010 1:14PM Thanks for the positive comment! I guess another argument could be how many people are buying the game in Canada in comparison to how many buy it in the states then uping your products price to meet some relative profit margin. Still, as i understand free trade and the agreement we made with the other countries, we shouldn't be paying tariffs at all. I am gonna order my copy of Cataclysm from the states anyway. I had no clue about best buy though, thanks for the information it is appreciated.

The Queue: Don't care {WoW}

Dec 4th 2010 12:46PM I am curious as to why Canadian prices for cataclysm are ten dollars more? I believe the United States and Canada have a "Free" trade agreement and it makes no sense for the over pricing of these products since the Canadian dollar has been on par or better for the last two years(since the American economic fallout). I understand most of the agreements citizens and the government make are a joke; due to poor representation, capitalists making a buck, and a general lack of respect for authority. I would appreciate, please, some concrete answers (troll free) from staff and possibly a blizzard poster. A "Lawbringer" article can be centered around it because it seems to be a lack of respect for mutual agreements with legal ramifications. I do understand that free trade agreements do go outside of Wow and a lot of the arguments for what is going on will stem from outside of Wow but it all seems to be a joke. I love you Americans, some of my best friends are American but I am totally tired of being screwed by the politics between countries and the me first attitude American companies are taking. Canada, America, Mexico created a free trade agreement to work as a team and it seems to me the American government/companies are benefiting while Canadian and Mexican companies and citizens are getting the shaft. Please only serious posters with real answers.

The Queue: Michael Sacco Jr., you owe me {WoW}

Nov 13th 2010 2:25PM the forsaken got another skeletal horse.

Spiritual Guidance: Healing heroic Cataclysm dungeons as a priest {WoW}

Nov 7th 2010 9:36PM Thanks Dawn! My bad, I think I missed the context of beta-healing. I haven't played in awhile but I still keep on top of the news. Gundamnxzero; that is exactly the way I have always seen prayer of healing. Good Luck out there both of you !

Spiritual Guidance: Healing heroic Cataclysm dungeons as a priest {WoW}

Nov 7th 2010 8:13PM Why don't you use prayer of healing ? I have always found it to have great utility, in raids and out. Just curious