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Breakfast Topic: Excited about the new 5-man? {WoW}

Jul 11th 2009 4:32PM Too bad you're going to find it hard to get groups becuase so many others hate it - especially healers for whom the mechanic is as far as possible from the playstyle they've chosen.

I'm sure a lot of people will be running it for the first few days, but unless the jousting bit is completely trivial, people (especially healers) will shun it just like they do Occulus.

Breakfast Topic: Excited about the new 5-man? {WoW}

Jul 11th 2009 4:28PM You'd think they had learned from the fact that hardly anyone does Occulus, due to stupid vehicle crap.

You'd think they had learned from the fact that everyone hates Malygos, due to vehicle crap.

You'd think they'd learned from how most people are increasingly getting bored through the FL part of Ulduar, after the novelty of one-button spamming vehicle crap.

But no.... They go ahead and make a new instance dependent on even more retarded and annoing vehicle mechanic.

I think there is some serious internal prestige involved in this persistence on forcing the players to do vehicle stuff, even though a huge segment of the player bases thoroughly HATES it.

This prestige stubborness is ruining the game for many, and plays a part in how WoW player base is being eroded. If they persist into Maelstrom, there is going to be some serious loss of players.

The dying Hunter? {WoW}

Jul 10th 2009 5:47PM A very good post - on the spot, thanks.

One could elaborate further on this, and add that the trend of making things generic (or homogenous) penetrates all aspects of the game. The two factions are more similar. Tanking is increasingly similar, healing increasingly similar, dps increasingly similar. Races are more similar (racials effectively being phased out of the game), armor more homogenous, as well as item stats, buffs, and so on. If there is one trend that truly is persistent, it is that everything in the game is getting more homogenous. I cannot think of any aspec that isn't. Maybe PvP and PvE are moving away from each other, but I'm not sure.

Why is this happening? Because of "balancing". Blizzard is feeling (rightly or wrongly) that they need to be more and more precise in "balancing" all these different aspects of the game. Balancing mostly means PvP balance, and PvP balance mostly means arena balance. Although PvE (raid) balancing also matters a lot. In the days of old, it didn't matter to Blizz that some classes (let alone specs) sucked for raiding. Now it does.

I do agree that the game is slowly being killed by the homogenization. And homogenization is caused by balancing, and the reasons for balancing is ultimately player QQ. "ZOMG my class is broken for raiding!", "zomg nerf [Insert FotM class here]".

Player QQ is getting through. We, the players, are getting the game we are demaning, ie one that that is increasingly as precisely balanced as humanly possible. Inch by inch.

But the problem is, we are not having fun playing this new homogenized game that we demanded.

Tom Chilton talks about 3.2 and the future of World of Warcraft {WoW}

Jul 7th 2009 8:55AM Vrykul for alliance (after som kind of reconciliation with the human relatives) and goblins for horde maybe?

Or maybe, more likely, just goblins playable for both sides? That would be logical to the theme of the expansion, and also appeal to the Blizz economism of getting maximum leverage.

Reading between the lines there's some pretty strong hints right there that we'll see a new race anyhow.

Patch 3.2 PTR: Tauren Druid conversation may reveal lore and expansion secrets {WoW}

Jun 29th 2009 7:25AM The Raptor,

I am perfectly aware what The Emerald Dream is. You said it yourself - it is the world as it would be if sapient races never came there. Recently it has been corrupted, presumably from the outside. But that is precisely what I was saying. Without sapient races you do not have any plots and stories. You DO have the store surrounding the corruption from the Nightmare, yes, but again - that's what I was saying: You have ONE, but only really one subplot. But without sapient races, there really isn't much to build hundreds and hundreds of quest around.

As for your statement that a Maelstrom expansion is just about underwater ruins and some naga, you have misunderstood what it is about: The Maelstrom expansion will cover not only the actual maelstrom itself, but rather the whole sea between Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, and thus, off the top of my head, potentially have access to subplots such as Kul Tiras and Jaina's family, and all the consequneces this has for horde-alliance relations, a metric ton of troll lore and troll plots, Undermine and all goblin plots, and of course, potentially the continuation if not resolution of the Deathwing storyline (depending if Blizz wants to make him the main bad guy for this expansion, or save him for yet another after that). Plus of course the naga, Azshara and Maelstrom stuff.

Patch 3.2 PTR: Tauren Druid conversation may reveal lore and expansion secrets {WoW}

Jun 28th 2009 10:23PM Because the Emerald Dream doesn't seem "meaty", broad and exciting enough to carry an expansion on it's own. Maelstroem just seems way more of a complete setting for a full expansion. As others have pointed out here already, ED doesn't seem, as far as we know, a suitable capital city, nor to have a wide variety of "local civilizations" (and accompanying factions), not an obvious broad range of side plots like Outland and Northrend have. It's basically just one plot, but an expansion needs a handful of strong major plots, plus small subplots for various quests.

For this reason, I do not think ED will ever become an expansion of it's own. it would make a lot more sense to add it (as a side-plot, similar to the "titans" side plot, or Vrykyl sideplot, in Northrend) to a Maelstrom expansion. There will thus be a major ED raid, probably similar to Ulduar in timing and size, one or two 5-mans, and of course a persistent presence of the ED theme in quests, and perhaps also a zone or two.

Breakfast Topic: What's your favorite raid boss? {WoW}

Jun 12th 2009 8:42AM Morogrim Tidewalker and Gurtogg Bloodboil are my all time favourites.

I am a healer and these two used to be such an intense adrenaline rush. They also combine predictable damage with some unpredicatbility in a very enjoyable mix.