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The Queue: Everyone's sleeping ... {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2011 6:04PM It completely replaces them. They have reacted to cookie cutter builds causing people to have mostly the same abilities by giving taking builds out and giving everyone exactly the same abilities. :-P

Takeaway message: meaningful choice is hard to balance around.

The Queue: Everyone's sleeping ... {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2011 6:02PM Fists of Furry?

The Queue: Everyone's sleeping ... {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2011 6:00PM Is "Monky Business" taken?

The Queue: Everyone's sleeping ... {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2011 3:23PM Crouching Panda Hitting Flagon?

BlizzCon 2011: Heroic Scholomance and Scarlet Monastery redesign {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2011 2:53AM I must be alone in despising the new Deadmines. In my opinion, it's become the Oculus of Cataclysm because it takes to darn long to run and the Super Mario poison sequence gets really, really old if you have to do it as your random every day* even though you're playing WoW because twitch games are for younger folks.

*Actually that's my wife, not me. My "every single day" Cata instances are Lost City of Tol'vir and Halls of Origination, which I'm pretty much fine with. Hers are Deadmines and Grim Batol, and she is really not the Super Mario type. (Nor am I.)

Deadmines also seems to attract sloppiness and wipes because people (sadly including me when we run together and she puts us in queue) are in such a desperate hurry for it to be over.

BlizzCon 2011 Open Q&A Panel liveblog {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2011 6:37PM So it took Illidan awhile to run back from the graveyard. What's the issue?

BlizzCon 2011: Blizzard reveals new talent system {WoW}

Oct 21st 2011 5:26PM I think I must be reading this wrong, because my takeaway was:

We don't like cookie cutter talent builds so we took out talents and replaced them with six "flavor points." Choosing between these new "talents" doesn't appear to be particularly gameplay-affecting, and indeed that seems to be on purpose. They don't vary per spec, which means they either don't have a major effect/difference or there is one right choice per spec. The article gives the example of "pick one of three different ways to run faster" which seems to back this up.

Isn't making sure every class/spec has exactly the same abilities *more* cookie cutter than before?

What am I not understanding about this?

- Asked as a person who succeeds in the game with characters that often have at least one seriously-not-cookie-cutter talent spec.

Blizzard announces World of Warcraft Annual Pass {WoW}

Oct 21st 2011 4:52PM Skarn, unless you have some documentation you can link to back you up, I think you should take a breath and calm down.

As you yourself have already posted, this new 12 month subscription is $180.

As others have already posted, the existing 6 month subscription is $77.94.

$77.94 x 2 = $155.88

Thus, the 12month subscription DOES cost $180 - $155.88 = $24.12 MORE than two six month subscriptions, or, as I posted, roughly the typical retail price of flying mounts.

I understand you think it can be paid for some other way, but there's nothing you can link to to back you up. And plenty of people are having the same experience as me, which is that if you are on a six month plan or a time card user, you are being told you are NOT ELIGIBLE.

Blizzard announces World of Warcraft Annual Pass {WoW}

Oct 21st 2011 4:24PM I love how the price is a total freakin' secret. It's not on the splash page, it's not in the FAQ, not in the walkthrough, it's not in the announcement. The only clue I have is that comments here from people who've signed up for it.

I assume this is because when you drill into it, it seems they are charging more per month for a 12 month subscription than they currently are for a six month subscription. Which is a lousy deal. Longer term, lower price, that's how it's supposed to work. (Shiny! Don't look at that! Look at the shiny!)

I'm not saying it's a bad deal. I'm saying that when they give you free stuff to convince you to pay a higher price than they charged yesterday, that stuff isn't free. The mount is basically full price ($25) and Diablo 3 is free. So it could be a good deal, but basically only if you were planning to be subscribed to WoW the whole time anyway.

Officers' Quarters: Mailbox roundup 4 -- raid leaders {WoW}

Oct 17th 2011 5:10PM One of the things I like to point out in situations similar to what "Trying to Win" describes where somebody wants to take all the blame in order to avoid ruffled feathers (or in some cases where people want to argue over whose minor mistake was the reason we wiped) is that, on the next run-through, there's something *every* person present can do different or better. This sometimes help get the discussion onto the topic of how to improve without focusing on blame or hurting people's feelings. ("Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.")

People who refuse to admit they did anything imperfectly (or that they ever make mistakes) are generally so poisonous to be around that running with them tends to be counterproductive anyway.