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Daily Cataclysm screenshot {WoW}

May 4th 2010 9:49PM Mmhmm... They all sit on it, and then jump off during that epic opening scene :D

I my DK could equip a giant key or two, badass.

More Cataclysm change details for death knights {WoW}

Apr 10th 2010 4:39PM It's also used in PvP for the run speed and burst damage from being able to unload attacks much faster.

Spiritual Guidance: Compensating for the failure of others {WoW}

Apr 7th 2010 11:10PM Only queue as dps o.0

Valve calls for Steam for Mac beta testers {}

Mar 28th 2010 2:20AM Bootcamp and free student version of Windows 7 FTW!

Rumor: Steam coming to the Mac? {}

Feb 26th 2010 11:24AM expanding the market never hurt, and the heavy liftings already done, plus there are tonns of college kids getting macs and other young groups. it's a long term investment based on current trends.

(if it's happening at all, which I doubt just because mac gaming is taboo)

Rumor: Steam coming to the Mac? {}

Feb 26th 2010 9:12AM Steam: the only reason I have a bootcamp win 7 partition.

Save me alot of trouble to say the least, but they gotta do it right.

Encrypted Text: The art of the gank {WoW}

Feb 17th 2010 5:24PM LOL

This is Warcraft... not hello kitty online.

Ganking (and by ganking I mean a lvl 80 killing someone under 20) was BUILT INTO THE GAME by blizzard... and it hasn't been taken out after 5 years... they purposefully wanted this to happen... it gives lowbies context in the world, and makes them strive to achieve more... If horde didn't attack you every chance you got, even if you were lvl 11, they are tied to some false morales. There are only 2 factions, and they are supposed to fight, no exceptions. PvE servers were just made for people who don't fully understand this or are completely absorbed with lewts.

Thusly, I would never purposefully play on a PvE server. It's not how the game was envisioned at all imo. If I get ganked, even for hours, I don't complain (it's a computer game after all). I log and gank someone else... the faction system is one of the best mechanics in the game. No one is exploiting anyone in any way.

If I spend half an hour making someone on the horde side miserable... THATS GREAT, they should be miserable, because they're not on my team. I'm not gunna hold their hand.

Encrypted Text: The art of the gank {WoW}

Feb 17th 2010 4:57PM Mind controlling lvl 16s off The Great Lift... there's pretty much no better feeling, I do it when I'm in a bad mood and it ALWAYS works.

And the person you do it to has to be laughing... I mean honestly, you're controlling them to jump off a 10 story cliff LOL. If you don't laugh at that you're dead inside.

Upcoming mount changes {WoW}

Jun 14th 2009 7:32PM yes lol but.... i DID get 100$ back when i bought the original (unsubsidized) iPhone o.0