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The Queue: All your fault {WoW}

Jun 16th 2009 3:03PM Looks like the are doing a new one due June 27th. It say it's using the d20 OGL, I think (hope) they are referring to the 4th edition one.

Breakfast Topic: Do you buy just because of the WoW brand? {WoW}

Jun 15th 2009 1:05PM Well the Horde version of Game Fuel is the same as the Halo 3 version (Which I LOVED) so I'll definitely be buying this wow product. But after all the dismal reviews of the Steel Series wow mouse, which I returned, I'm really disappointed in the handling of the wow license. I don't mind them making lots of wow related merchandise, but if they don't care or are incompetent in making sure these thrid-parties don't rip me off with lousy products. Then it makes me lose faith in the brand and Blizzard.