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Patch 3.2 upcoming Paladin changes {WoW}

Jun 18th 2009 2:03PM Cast time on excorcism FTL. I use it all the time to pick up adds as a prot pally when righteous defense doesn't get them all or when avenging wrath is on cooldown. I also throw it into my threat building rotation on single targets every time it cools down, but as a tank (getting beat on constantly), I can't afford to use any spell that has a cast time (since I can't block or avoid attacks while casting). BOOO!

Officers' Quarters: Normal raiders are people, too {WoW}

Jun 15th 2009 1:51PM I feel really lucky to have found a group of 10 people that I can run progression 10-man content with every week. We only run one night per week since that's the only time everyone is available. We're members of four different guilds, but we take our progression seriously and we're all pretty good raiders - we just prefer the tighter-knit 10-man format and we have a lot of fun joking around on vent and stuff.

I run 25-man PUGs (everything but Ulduar) on my alts from time to time through the week, but I usually don't enjoy it. It's just for the gear, not for the fun. I keep saying I'm going to quit, but ZOMG THE GEAR!

Since I am only raiding one night right now, I am trying to find another team or guild for running serious 10-man's with on one of my alts. I'm finding the same situation this person is - everyone is either inexperienced and just doing the 10-man run to prepare for the 25's or they're already a regular 25-man raider that is screwing around in the 10-man on an off-night (and doesn't take it seriously).