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Recent Comments: reacts to Cataclysm raid changes, page 2 {WoW}

Apr 29th 2010 1:07PM the arguments for this change give no reasons as well. "well my guild is 10man so who cares about the 25man raiders"

DISCLAIMER: gonna make this post harsh and spiteful to match the tone of your "casual player shit-talking session". you guys ruined this game with this mentality that you deserve everything for no effort. your entitlement that your "time-challenged" 10man guild deserves everything that 25man guilds get reeks of entitlement and selfishness. if you believe real 25man guilds carry 10-15players then i will assume you've only raided entry level content with 25people. it may be possible in naxx, but in the higher tier raiding you need 25people working at 110%, and it's why pugs use the 10man format (notice any successful 25man pugs have very strict requirements and long time raiding player as a leader, where any 10 scrubs can clear 75% of icecrown).

i quit hardcore raiding, and guess what? i dont whine that i *deserve* legendaries, i don't bash players who are against this change, i don't make forum posts that my guild deserves BiS trinkets, and the casual circle-jerk makes me sick. if i could sum up the readers it would be this:
"a bunch of spoiled rotten brats who can't accept their place on the totem pole, and want the blizzard gods to put them at the top even though they are BAD"

instead of trying to pick apart the arguments of why people are against this change (for reasons a 10man guild, or a guild that cant clear lower spire with 30% buff, cant understand) why don't you come to terms with the fact that the reason you like this change is because it continues down the path of putting the horrible players on an even playing field with world top guilds. and top guilds hate it because it evens the playing field with whiny entitled scrubby guilds.

for the record, i'm OK with this change, because i have come to terms with the fact that wow isn't a game about competition. WoW has become a great game for grandparents and pre-school students, but not for people who want competition, because by definition competing just isn't fair enough for the wow playerbase, because goddamn those players with skill for getting to the top. i made this post for all the little personal jabs you casuals take at people just for having a different opinion from you. and on that note, please remove me from this awful excuse for a community.

anyway, hope you guys enjoy your watered down virtual pet collecting game. i wonder how badly the casuals would flip out if blizzard made all pets available to anyone who could collect 10friends and take a virtual tour through an instance for a couple hours. or maybe blizzard will move this mentality into starcraft 2 and give all copper players 50% more damage so they can compete with korean pro's! ...oh wait, casuals cant whine that "its my 15$ a month blizzard! you better change this game if you want my money!", so that wouldn't work.

if nothing else, wow will act like a containment-sphere for all the horrible casual gamers, who want to kill my past-time, and vote for zinga over valve in game company tournaments. ugh, this place is a pit, it's so frustrating reading the thoughts of the dark side.

Breakfast Topic: Where's the epic {WoW}

Apr 27th 2010 9:41AM i think thats part of the problem. having to kill the walk-over boss designed for players with limited skill in order to fight the real boss kills the epicness of the raid. also the gating mechanic kills some of the epic feeling, progression should be slow because bosses (at the end of the game) are difficult, not because theres an imaginary wall blocking you.

Breakfast Topic: Where's the epic {WoW}

Apr 27th 2010 9:35AM the fact that it's pretty much impossible to die in this game now IS blizzards fault. or that dps can stand in fire indefinitely and be healed by healers with infinite mana during a raid is blizzards fault. killing a boss for the first time should be challenging and epic, it shouldnt be "oh lets get our first kill on sleepy yawn mode and then we get the challenge".

i may have nostalgia, but imo you people who think wrath raids are as epic as TBC or vanilla raids are the delusional ones.

Win a pony from {WoW}

Apr 15th 2010 9:40PM i came

Goon Squad downs Tirion Fordring {WoW}

Mar 8th 2010 11:46PM Brett, it's the people like you that make Goons and SA great.

Goon Squad downs Tirion Fordring {WoW}

Mar 8th 2010 11:41PM >private server

you dont know much about the goons then...

Ready Check: To Warsong or not to Warsong {WoW}

Mar 6th 2010 10:14AM yikes, the whole "catering to bad or stupid players" comment really touches a lot of readers close to the heart.

i'm not surprised...the reader's constantly cheer anything that makes the game easier and berate anyone who thinks *certain aspects* of the game should be made slightly less accessible. I don't care how many hours Blizz spent working on Icecrown, and I don't care how many people can't beat X boss on normal mode, because at my core I believe the last level and the final boss should be exclusive. It should not be nerfed by 5% - 30% depending on how bad you are. What's next, a nerf that goes from 5-95% depending on how much your guild wipes. This is a fundamental difference I have with WoW devs & readers and it's a matter of principle, and not "omg u got mah loots for half the work derpy doop"

Yes I know I am pissing into an ocean of piss, but this is why I quit WoW. I started reading "the sites" hoping something changed. Looks like you guys are going further down the rabbit hole. In b4 'good riddance elitist', if that's what you are thinking then you will never understand the logic behind my argument and you can enjoy your "tour-guide mode" of the hardest (sic), scariest, most intimidating dungeon in WotLK.

Breakfast Topic: Fun with jerks {WoW}

Jan 30th 2010 11:47AM if you read the article, you will see that the tank clearly was the problem.

PvP Resilience Changes {WoW}

Jan 21st 2010 1:57PM well you see, blizzard knows raiders will never leave the game. so technically they can do almost whatever they want to you guys.

sorry :(

15 Minutes of Fame: Pulverizing the World of Warcraft {WoW}

Jan 20th 2010 1:36PM you added an S to video game