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Drama Mamas: Transgender bullying {WoW}

Oct 15th 2010 2:00PM Agreed, to a point. But she doesn't have to go about telling every random stranger who she is either. She should just keep it to the people who matter, those she deals with on a daily basis, friends, family, etc.

The 'lolpinions' of random jerks don't matter.

Drama Mamas: Transgender bullying {WoW}

Oct 15th 2010 1:58PM Haters are haters because what you are makes them uncomfortable, either they are unable to understand you or they themselves have closet issues they wish to cover up by posing. The worst haters I've seen over TG issues though are sadly... other girls. Don't take these people, well, any of these people personally, they're attacking you, but they're really making monkeys of themselves and trying to cover up for their own lack of security.

The best I can say is ignore them, people can only shame a shameful person. If you don't let them see anything getting to you, they have nothing they can really say or do that will carry favor to them or justify their actions. These people get bored, they move onto other things. What you've done, Gender Reroller, is amazingly brave, it's also smart. With that fact out in the open, you get to know something few do, what friends you have that really matter. Who accepts you (read, not 'tolerates') for who you are. These other people? The trollers and the haters? They're not worth your time.

Don't quit raiding, find a group of people you know and can trust and raid with them, Pugging as many issues even before the hatefest, so you might even be better off without it, but if you must, go in anonymous. Even if people know who you are, if you say nothing, what can they do? They can flame you and let everyone else around them know they they're hate filled bigots, that's all.

Good luck to you, be true to yourself, other people don't matter.

WoW Moviewatch: BLIND {WoW}

Sep 24th 2010 1:55PM I bought Amuro's full album because of this video. I love the song. Goes to show how music really is a matter of personal taste and interest.

Using things like "I felt that"

Or "In my opinion this"

Might make you come off a little less pretentious.

Know Your Lore: Story analysis and "lolore," page 2 {WoW}

Aug 23rd 2010 3:26PM About him not mentioning his father:

Garrosh admits his greatest fear is becoming like his Father, of repeating history. Hero his father might be, people tend to forget that he's a hero because of a final act of redemption, not for a long settled history of traversing the countryside rescuing young maidens. Grom was possibly one of the dirtiest, most blood induced fighters in the Horde's history, he's responsible for several unspeakable acts (not to mention being the one to perform the act that bound the Horde to the Legion in the first place). Garrosh acknowledges that in the end, his father repaid his debts in that final battle with an archdemon. That DOESN'T mean he has to sit on a couch and talk about it.

Breakfast Topic: What overcloak designs would you like to see? {WoW}

Feb 25th 2010 10:54AM We're mixing "Cape" and "Cloak" up and losing it's meaning somewhere. WoW's a medivial styled world, the "Jacket" wasn't a common idea back then, the Cloak was what one wore for the functions of a coat, they were widely useful tools for any traveller. They could serve as something to sit on, a blanket, a simple shelter from the wind and chill as well as rain, they could be wraped at the ends to create a haversack, etc.

While WoW's got some infernal gnomish technology to boost, getting caught up in a plane turbine is too rare a worry to really think about, isn't it? Let alone a revolving door, I don't recall seeing any in Dalaran.

A critical examination of Garrosh Hellscream {WoW}

Sep 22nd 2009 9:05AM @jbodar

And Thrall isn't?

A critical examination of Garrosh Hellscream {WoW}

Sep 22nd 2009 8:55AM @Thrashnak

What's odd to me is how no one seems to remember that the Horde at least used to also operate it's leadership on a Trial by Combat basis.

AGDC09: Blizzard talks about world behind Warcraft {WoW}

Sep 17th 2009 5:14PM Game Design: 37 (Programmers and Artists)
Cinematics: 123 (More Programmers, Artists, and Directors)
Platform Services: 245 (ITs, Programmers)
Quality Assurance: 218 (Representatives, CMs, Testers and Programmers, Testers)
Quality Control: 67 (Testers, Programmers)
Online Technologies: 149 (ITs, Programmers, Reps)

You're looking for specific words and not thinking about what those people do. Game Design and Cinematics take two major things, Artists and Programmers. All of the support tiers have people of programming skill to correct mistakes, maintain code, etc.

Blizzard is tracking 180,000 bugs in WoW {WoW}

Sep 17th 2009 4:45PM Hi there. I'm an IT at a large SaaS company.

This game has a very small amount of bugs considering it's file size imprint and amount of code, on top of constant patching, additions, and expansions.