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Encrypted Text: Everything but Vanish {WoW}

Jun 17th 2009 3:48PM Let me put it slightly differently. You are correct that our survivability is a required weakness. However, the degree that it is right now is a little overboard. I wear 700 plus resilience and still die in a stun lock to a fellow rogue, this did not happen prior to WoTLK, whether due to spec differences or gear differences or whatever. It's a little frustrating at the present moment.

I also agree that our complex nature is fun and that's why I play a rogue. I never mentioned that, perhaps you were replying to someone else in a passive way as a reply to my post.

I hope you can come up with more evidence than 1 youtube video as your backing to say rogues are just fine and we as a community should ignore the opportunity to grill the developers.

Encrypted Text: Everything but Vanish {WoW}

Jun 17th 2009 3:26PM This column is frustrating to me. The ideas in this column are entirely re-hashed from previous columns or basic rogue complaints since vanilla WoW in the case of vanish.

I know that the rogue class can and will come up with more original ideas and questions for the blues.

Mostly I find it very disappointing that the poster barely touched on rogue survivability. In my opinion this is clearly our weakness and I don't believe it's a deserved weakness.