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Requiring epic achievements for normal runs {WoW}

Jun 17th 2009 5:35PM This was mainly my problem. To get into raid on my server you need to be overgeared. I had to wear a lot of BiS gear from heroics to get into 10man naxx. Loot from there would be *GASP* +20 mana and +3 spellpower difference to my heroic epics, so useful! But wait. You cant raid because you havent raided! We dont care if you have watched every bosskill video 10 times, you dont have achi. So either look for pug that doesnt reguire achi and will mostly take whole day.

Wich reminds me. Just because you have achi it doesnt prove anything. I was in Naxx25 pug where everyone had achievement. Guys wiped 3 flopping hours on patchwerk. The pug have been up for 3 days before that and cleared 2 quarters. When we finally get to thaddius next day we wiped on thadd for FIVE HOURS till we gave up. That should be achi