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Requiring epic achievements for normal runs {WoW}

Jun 18th 2009 7:32AM Ofcourse if raid leader requires achievement/epic gear for raid and doesn't have it himself, he's retarded. Same goes for "lfm 4 the horde 80 lvls only", "lfm sunwell achi run 80 lvls only" coming from 7x level. Requiring from others having more than you have yourself is just stupid. Also I think requiring the "Epic" achievement isn't good way to make groups, people can have full Ulduar25/hardmode gear and they'll still can miss 1 part because item with lower ilvl got better itemization, and people with this achievement can just have PvP gear (Deadly/WG items), swap their rings and trinkets, oor just get this achievement by wearing offspecc gear, or items to disenchant. Also requiring achievement for let's say Naxx25 for Naxx10 is imo ridicolous, same goes for "Twilight Zone" to get into OS 0d pug.

Requiring epic achievements for normal runs {WoW}

Jun 18th 2009 4:03AM Damn I really don't understand the whole achievement whine. It is raid leader's right to check people before accepting them into a PuG, and noone forces you to join. Achievement is the best, but not perfect way, to check a person's experience within the instance. Ever tried to make a PuG group for 25 man, or even 10 man raid? You know how hard is it to lead and you don't want to take people who will die at first void zone. Some raid leader's actually want to make group that will clear Naxx in 3 hours, not making a group that after 7 hours of raiding will decide to disband at 4h/Thadd. I've tried to make a PuG for OS10 0 drakes without asking people for achievement/gear. We've killed 2 drakes and people started to leave after wipe on 3rd drake, while I've pugged 3 drakes (zerg-mode) with a PuG too. People who don't have achievement and want to get into PuG are USUALLY just terribads who were able to find groups with people like themsleves which gave up at Anub'rekahn and want to get carried by 24/9 other people.
But ofcourse I will get downrated because on this site people downrate others' constructive comments just because someone got other opinion than you.