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Turn off XP gain for classic raiding {WoW}

Jun 19th 2009 11:33AM Oh noes, not the Core Hound looting :*(
Every single time we kill one I have to tell them to loot (thank god we can see who the loot is assigned to nowadays) so I can skin for core leathers. My precious Thorium Brotherhood reputation. :(

As you probably guessed, im a prebc (vanilla) raider, and for "true" prebc fans XP hasnt really been much of a hinder. Get an account thats completely un-upgraded. So I dont think this really will affect the most "hardcore" vanilla fans, but now classic raiding will be opened for a wider audience, and hopefully we will have many new members. And I can finally get my titles & achievements that Ive always wanted from outlands and northrend! :)
(Was having trouble with the 50 mounts achievement, I so wanted an Albino Drake at lvl 60 :P )

We allow people to spec however they like when it comes to talents. There is so little left of the "original" tree that there isnt much point. When it comes to gear, we prohibit all that is new, even equipment that you gained through pugs. (This rule only comes to PvE. In PvP we allow you to twink yourself to whatever extent you wish, as long as you have a set of equipment that fits our rules.)

One thing you all forgot to mention though, is that all prebc instances have been nerfed to such an extent its sad, but on the bright side, getting hit by Onyxia's Deep Breath is still an instant wipe! Most other content is also difficult, considering the equipment we use.
So if I catched your interest with all my fantastic words about classic raiding, check us out :)
And for gods sake, no draenei shamans or deathknights.

Asentia - Trollbane EU
Enìgma (Guild)
(PS: If you ever Armory me and see all that ridiculously overpowered gear, keep in mind, we do NOT raid in it, its stricly PvP. Also the blues are from TBC-Trial.)