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Breakfast Topic: Do you have any characters that've slipped off your radar? {WoW}

Nov 24th 2011 10:38AM As crazy as it seems, to combat this problem, I'm leveing
41 BE Mage
41 Tarren Druid
40 BE Pally
40 Orc Rogue
31 Undead Priest

All at the same time. The Priest was an after thought, but I've gone through those 31 levels in about 4 days, so he'll be all caught up next week. As soon as I gain a level on one alt, I move to the next so no one has any chances of getting left behind. They all share the same guild bank, and that way I'm able to share items to help level professions, or share gear or whatever. It's a great experience after I felt that my hunter was getting a little bit stale. I've put about a week total on all of my alts, so the time needed to level them isn't terrible. I'm not looking forward to the 70-85 stretch, though. I only run dungeons because
1. I enjoy it the most out of anything in the game
2. I hate questing
So that might be a grind. I plan on having all of them by 85 at the exact same time, and before Pandaria. If you're looking for a new challenge, I suggest powerleveling 3+ alts. Makes it worthwhile.

Borderlands is 75% off on Steam this weekend {Joystiq}

Aug 25th 2011 8:03PM I bought this Day 1, played it with my buddy like half way through, then just gave up on it. In fact, me and my co-worker have been talking about it a lot lately, and it'll be a good compliment to WoW. Thanks for being my best friend ever, Steam.

Gavin Mackey's artwork captures Pokemon, our nightmares {Joystiq}

Aug 13th 2011 9:37PM So awesome. Muk is fantastic

Humble Bundle 3: now with Humble Bundle 2 {Joystiq}

Aug 3rd 2011 6:42PM Yo dawg, I heard you like Indie Bundles

Valve will release Dead Air early ... if 20K people unlock this Left 4 Dead 2 achievement {Joystiq}

Jul 6th 2011 10:31PM I remember hearing about this campaign a while ago, I just never got around to playing it. All in all, it's a solid campaign. The tank entry in the first chapter was great, and the water effects were a nice touch. I will note that the fourth chapter pissed me off due to the fact I thought that the safe house door was stuck. Maybe it's just me being stupid, but there should be more direction.

Portal 2 available right now (happy Potato Fool's Day!) {Joystiq}

Apr 19th 2011 1:13AM Decrypting is something I did not want to do. So, I guess that I'll just leave it overnight, and maybe I'll be able to play it for 10 minutes before work. Fanfreakingtastic

WRUP: A portal to Tuesday? {Joystiq}

Apr 16th 2011 12:43AM Still waiting for Portal 2... actually, AaAaAA!!! and The Wonderful End of the World are pretty decent for a few hours of mindless fun. What's not mindless fun is Super Meat Boy, and I just remembered that there are new levels out for PC!

ARGhh, Portal 2 alternate reality game has final exam {Joystiq}

Apr 15th 2011 9:25AM This tricked me into buying Portal 2 now... curse you, Valve, and your tricksy marketing schemes.

Garry mods Garry's Mod to catch pirates {Joystiq}

Apr 13th 2011 1:51PM Why would you even pirate Gmod? It's a fantastic mod.

Minecraft's weather, stats and achievements previewed on video {Joystiq}

Apr 10th 2011 7:12PM So, am I the only one who saw a stat for "Distance Flown"? Hummm