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Have emblems ruined heroics? (Hint: no) {WoW}

Feb 4th 2010 7:16AM As of now, running heroics is nearly the only way for people to even step in a raid, such as ICC. Alot of folks are casual players, who, until the LFD system came into play, never got a chance to run much of anything. Now those limitations are gone and everyone can gear up equally and without much needed issues.

As an MT for my guild, I run about 8-9 hours a days on chain heroics. I pick up about 3 guild mates who are working on main spec/off and at least 1 person from my server (just cause it seems like the right thing to do).

I actually DO look for undergeared players who are looking to run heroics for a really long time. Doing chain heroics and using the LFD tool to find those who are needing better gear or just to even experience what it is like to do a heroic (some, I have found out, have been kicked so many times because of gear it isn't even funny...that or dps).

So the LFD system is a great tool and a great way to have fun even to kill off an hour or too. The badge system I can say, could use some "tweaking" like with what one poster stated regarding the PUG raid lockout not being a viable option. A number of pug raids fail. Sad but true.

In defense of care packages and mandatory authenticators {WoW}

Jan 11th 2010 11:54AM Technology has made people lose common sense.

You don't have to be in IT or know a ton of computer jargon to be a savy pc user. Scams are everywhere. Blizzard Authenticators are great. When they first started selling them last year, I was myself hesistant about it. Now I have NEVER looked back.

But, just because you have an Authenticator, does NOT give you an excuse to have some common sense in following a link to a particular website. Say for instance: pet. Now, seriously, if you think about it, if you received a pm of this from someone, you need to be suspicious. But of course, many folks will follow the link because like most people, everyone wants something for nothing and want things fast and right away.

This will cost you, more than you think.

If you don't have any clue about how to recognize certain things that are harmful, you need to educate yourself. You need to be familiar and READ the splash screens on wow's loading screens. You need to educate yourself on how to spot fake links. This isn't about WoW only. This will serve you in any situation that you are on when online. Because....YOU have to be responsible.

I kind of feel bad for people who get hacked, but not for long. I mean Authenticator's do NOT cost alot. And if you can't get one, then just use common sense. I mean, if someone follows a random link and gets hacked, by all means you deserve it. It is like leaving the keys in your sports car with a bunch of crooks circling around.

When online, you are your best security. Programs and devices have made people rely on technology way too much and we are losing common sense because we feel the need to rely on others to make our decisions for us. Which is why I will never have a GPS unit. But that is another story.

Helpful hints:
1. Do not follow a link advertised in a private message to you unless you actually know the person and trust them, same goes for emails
2. Buy an Authenticator, seriously, I am sure most of spend more than $6 a day for lunch. So just invest in one. It will save you alot in the long run.
3. Don't visit any site that asks you to put in your account information unless it is If you are not sure if you are on the right page, just google: World of Warcraft, first links are usually the best ones and have the most information
4. Invest in some good antivirus software.
5. For heavens sakes, please use common sense. There should not be ANYONE having a hacked account if you use even just a few of the methods people mention. It is really not that hard.
6. Don't give out your account info to ANYONE. Treat it as you would treat your social security number!

This is a long read, but I have to be honest, I can't really sympathize much for people who get hacked. You are your best line of defense.

WoW Rookie: The fresh 80's guide to getting started in five-mans {WoW}

Jan 7th 2010 12:30PM Much of this hits the nail on the head for me...

I lvl'ed my shadow priest so fast that I didn't even run any dungeons or anything until I hit 80. What did I do next? Found some peoples who could help me craft gear JUST so I can at least enter ANY instance. That's bad...but it worked. So there I was in blues, and worked my ass off to get triumph emblems. I got my full T9 dps set in about 1 day and then enchanted, gemmed, and that was it. My dps still sucks, I think it is like 2.5 or something like that, but the thing about it is...even if you are not doing 3.5 or anything close to that, you can still TRY to do as much as you can to help the group.

Where am I getting at with this? To any newly fresh 80s out there...don't be strayed or influenced by those leet folks who keep berating you about how much dps you do or what gear you have on. Gear comes in time. Not one person here can say they were in full epics pulling 5k dps in a single night.

The learning of your rotation/getting gear/knowing your toon inside and out...all comes in time. Trust me. You do whatever you can to make sure you stay alive and keep the killing spree happening. As long as you do that, everyone else will do their job.

Remember...there is no "I" in teamwork

Breakfast Topic: Not This Again {WoW}

Dec 30th 2009 9:58AM Old Kingdom....I've been farming badges for 14 hours over the course of 8 days on all my toons while on vacation, and I can't STAND Old Kingdom, I must have been through that instance in one day 9 times at last count. Anything else, I can deal with.

Retaliation battlegroup down again {WoW}

Jun 19th 2009 7:10PM, they probably forgot to put that extra 32mb of memory back into the server...geez...come on Blizzard....not that difficult :P