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Blizzard releases details on Icecrown Citadel {WoW}

Sep 30th 2009 1:31PM so theres going to be 5man arthas and raid arthas? or is 5man just the prequel to the raid version?

WRUP: Brewfest is back edition {WoW}

Sep 26th 2009 1:11PM working on gathering mats to craft Merlin's Robe for my warlock.

Enter to win a Creative World of Warcraft wireless headset {WoW}

Sep 16th 2009 3:25PM I would like to win one of these.

Guildwatch: They should ninja a dictionary {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2009 12:03PM woot go LEGION! Server rep! Legion's gm has some of the most amusing guild recruitment posts in /2.

Arcane Brilliance: Five things every Mage should do before they ding 80 {WoW}

Jul 18th 2009 6:23PM this is why my mage stopped leveling at 26 about a year ago.

Around Azeroth: The fine art of self-ownage {WoW}

Jul 5th 2009 10:57AM I have purposely (and a few times successfully) jumped off of teldrassil. It's a really long fall and a huge pain in the ass if you die and dont want to take sickness

Breakfast Topic: Create-your-own titles {WoW}

Jun 27th 2009 11:18AM the cruel

the strong

the agile

the spirited

WoW Insider Show Episode 95: Just for you {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2009 3:03PM lewtz!!!

WRUP: Summer ahoy! {WoW}

Jun 20th 2009 9:32AM I will be doing AT dailies and leveling my warlock alt.