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Breakfast Topic: What keeps you hanging on? {WoW}

Jun 23rd 2009 8:17AM My experience is similar. My druid did everything, including recon for new instances my guild planned to run. Stealthing passed leets, watching their reactions and gauging movement from that, has to be one of the most heart pumping thrills in the game.

When Wrath came out, I jumped on the DK class and really enjoyed the opening quest line, for the first time seeing how my actions changed the world around me. I started a gnome rogue as well, and had some fun with that.

But on hitting Outland and progressing through 5 levels in very short order, the DK became somehow, well, ordinary. It's not as much fun when the risk of death (without your active intervention) doesn't exist.

So my druid, who had ground out lots of gold in the run up to Wrath, and had respec'ed from Balance to feral tank to help the guild, hopped on the boat in Menethil and never looked back. Blasted though to lvl 80 in no time, and went to dual spec.

After trying out several guilds he moved on to a small leveling guild where he heals normal Northrend dungeons, tanks the heroics, builds up a resto set, and helps his guildies level up.

I love my druid's flexibility, and he will always be my main.