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Drama Mamas: Let the drama begin! {WoW}

Jul 10th 2009 3:21PM i think the name is great DRAMA mammas.gah u cant even post on here any more without some thinking negative about you because you didnt feel up to putting forth the effort of grammer.........get a life if all you can do is nit pick grammer........ill continue 2 tipe this > bc it be da way i gonna want to tipe....unerstan? im sry if it affects the way you type....bc it shouldnt....

Drama Mamas: Let the drama begin! {WoW}

Jul 10th 2009 3:12PM @ millea
tho i do understand were your comming from......

Well, if I was concerned about looking stupid I would type more like this.
but i type like this and i do just fine in the looking stupid factor i enjoy looking stupid bieng the class clown things like that have always worked well for me and i stand strong with everythng i do.and yes i am lazy, especialy wen im on or wow in general.its my free/lazy time so why should i put forth a big effort for spelling?i mean i put forth effort in the game but not for spelling.isnt there something called freedom of speach?(no offence to anyone in this next comment) but dont like 90% of "young people" speak some kind of jiberish that you catch like every 3rd word of? but you still understand why is my writing about "my" guild getting crit bc im not taking effort in my spelling on the "great".....ever heard someone say "gah he was thuggin you" or something along that lines...? i have my sisster said somthing like that a few days ago and she had to explain it(it meant like lookin at you in a bad way or somethin) .....thats bad grammar and i dont ever hear no many complaints about that....

Drama Mamas: Let the drama begin! {WoW}

Jul 10th 2009 2:45PM am i not the guild leader and owner funder founder w/e you whant to call it so why even worry with correcting my grammer and saying im not helpin "my" situation. im not a big raider never realy want to be, but if i need to i can write very well i just choose not to for the fun of myself and the ease of using slang type words that are fully understood from anyone over the age of 5.but yet again i will state what i have in the last post "i dont care how i type...its understood..." even you understood it lmao so why try to crit about it wen its readable and ive seen alot worse on here and on the game and can still understand it with a quick response.

Drama Mamas: Let the drama begin! {WoW}

Jul 10th 2009 2:37PM @impurezero

i understand that but at the lvl i am now im not to concerned with it..but heres ome can always get a high lvl friend to help you advertize that you will start doin serious raiding and what not.or you could pug up a few times and if they like you and you like them you can always try to talk them into starting it with you. you could have the bank for just raiders or a tab for just raider and that will be rewarding.if they think you are a good raider then they will want to raid with you so if you prove to them that you are worthy then you should have to problem gettin succesful raiders to join.

Drama Mamas: Let the drama begin! {WoW}

Jul 10th 2009 2:22PM @ormal

I didnt do it because i cant get is a guild i did it to help people like him.and my lack of punctuation is a sign that i went to school in louisiana sorry i dont get into much detail about it when i post on here but idc its nothing more than typing. i could put no periods and just have a huge run on sentance that you cuold completely not desifer.and im sorry i didnt go to college because i had a family i had to support so i had to pay bills instead of not a writing/english/w/e major and dont pretend to be i just post trying to help people out or give my 2 cents. you may think that you have to capitalize every i...well "i" you type perfectly in game? if you do then its just you not me i use alot of slang to get what i am sayin out in a way that is readable but easyer to type. example...l8er,ya,w/e,things like that i use no periods and talk alot and it seems to be ok with every one exept to grammer nerds that want everything to be spelled a certain way and pronounced a certain say potato i say frech fries.....lmao not big deal how someone types something at least you get the meanin and get a understanding of what they say

Drama Mamas: Let the drama begin! {WoW}

Jul 10th 2009 1:43PM OK!
I have a good answere to this problem that "Not a Baby Boy" is having.
Simply start your own guild,i know it seems hard..but its not at all.
I started one last night and im only lvl 32 with no main and only been playing about 2 months.I have 1 tab atm about 30g more and will have 2nd tab i have 270g for repairs(which im taking 250g out wen i get 300g and using if for tab 2)
and a tabard.Heres how i did it.
It took me a little while to get herb to about 180-200 (like a week or so) and i started farming goldthorn(sells for 2-4g each on my server) anyways i made about 120g and started a guild.I was already in a good guild but i wanted to help anyone who couldnt find a good guild out that i could.My 2nd proffession is tailoring which i got to 225 with about 60g to start with(i made it back the day i spent it + some)it took me about 3-4hrs to get it from 1-225.I used my tailoring to make some lower-mid lvl greens for Guild Bank when i start advertising the guild(which i want at least 2 tabs b4).It was a hard decision to make tho i mean i spent alot of money for others help but as long as its used wisely i think it will come out ok.My brother and cuzin ( lvl 36 and lvl 15 with blacksmithing and alchamy)have joined up forces with me and made some stuff for Guild Bank(havent put a cent in cash tho) its kind of hard to make money at low lvls unless you have an idea what you want to do but dont be discuraged if you cant do it the 1st day.Its taken me about 2 weeks to make about 300g (which at lvl 32 with no alt/main isnt bad) but it took me a little longer to get were i could use my proffs for money.Herbing and mining are the 2 cash crops everything else is just to help or just to play with(enchanting to but a lil harder to do without know how).But all in all i think startin a guild is very simple and fun to do.If you have a few high lvl friends that can make you some low lvl stuff for free to put in GB then that always helps.

Breakfast topic: How do you learn tactics? {WoW}

Jul 10th 2009 1:20PM i just close my eyes and hope it all goes away....and guess doe i just some how end up invisible with a pretty angel of death standing infront of me lmao

15 Minutes of Fame: The two shall be as one {WoW}

Jul 9th 2009 2:14PM LMAO i said four sry meant six was trying to remember a phone # while i was typing lol

15 Minutes of Fame: The two shall be as one {WoW}

Jul 9th 2009 2:12PM Great article!
Me and my lil brother play together he suffers from a rare form of autism and Dr.s said it would help to get him involved with something that changes alot and that he can interact with people(wow fit the discript very well).Its actualy the only reason i started playing, soon after i started i got him to watch me play and he was hooked.

He hasnt went to school since 4th grade(hes now 13) because he cant deal with people and its very hard for him to learn new things(he couldnt hardly read or spell or realy do anything before wow) but he can spell gnomeragan(or however you spell it lmao) better then i can now.He can pronounce very hard words for his knowledge level(hell even for mine lol)i know its nothing as sevier as jens(very glad to hear about other people that have difficulties and have overcome it in a great way with people there to incourage and help you).He has learned alot from wow and is continualy learning to new things about the game that relate to real life and i give blizz full respect for giving me an oprotunity to help my lil bro in any way possible.(only defect with wow is his comp was to damn slow and had to buy him anouther to play it...and pay for his acc...but its worth it to see him smile about something).Nothing gives you a better feeling than helping someone who needs it even in a small way that doesnt want to ask.

Four true facts about life:

1)You cant stop the stone after its thrown.
2)You cant do anything alone that is as fun as with outhers.
3)You cant take back a word after is said.
4)Love is comepletely untamable and unknowing no matter how you think you know it.
5)Life never stops, not even for a second.
6)Smiles make more of an impression than an atomic bomb.

Think about all of these before you start each day and you will have a more fulfiling day.My grandpa told me those when i was about 8 years old after i had got into some trouble(nothing......i an angel) and i have started each day with that perspective.

I hope you 2 well in the future and i hope you have a great life together and last together for all time yall are one phisical and mental thing that isnt complete without the other half and shouldnt be apart.You have a good ole southern boys full respect and have gave me a little better feeling about wow and the people who play it and more or less a better out look on life it self.People like you i beleive are the modern day heros of yesterday, you set a perfect example of life in a true form. Yall take care and have a great life (and virtual life).