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Breakfast Topic: Is Blizzard doing faction change the right way? {WoW}

Jul 3rd 2009 4:44AM The more I hear, the less comfortable I am.

Yes, I understand Blizzard is running this pony, purely to deliver increasing dividends to it's shareholders.

But this is a PROFIT step too far imo.

I'm an alliance pally. If I wanted to play a horde pally I'd.....wait for it......roll one from scratch.


Just like I did with my ally-pally, I'd want to take a walk through the quest lines for the horde - meet the key characters and immerse myself in the lore of an opposing faction. Right from level 1, to cap.

The nub here is that WoW is not just described glibly as an's an MMORPG.

All the other paid services that have begun cluttering my account management page of late, are bearable, even if I'm not likely to use a single one of them - I understand that there is a market for these and if people want to use them fine. I dont happen to consider any of them game-breakers.

But a faction switch, paid by plastic out of game....well, it stinks. It's lazy and with my RPG hat on, it's an insult to a considerable portion of the player-base.

SOE with Everquest managed to keep my attention for over half a decade. Then they started listening too much to what I viewed as the less mature ("I want it now and I want it easier") players. To the point, that in my view, they compromised the integrity of the very virtual world they created. In an attempt to halt the decline in subcriptions, they began to pump out content at shorter intervals.

The player base wasnt sated - particularly the hardcore raiders who'd stuck with the game for years - and a great number began to desert to WoW.

With this, I think Blizzard have begun to take the first faltering steps down the same hill.

Breakfast Topic: Would you change your faction? {WoW}

Jul 1st 2009 10:34AM If this ends up as being a paid account based service, with no in-game thread for the transition, then it's just not for me. Call me a purist.

However, say you're a disgruntled member of the Alliance, and you happen across a faction recruiter loitering in the shadows outside of your home city. He offers you a different path - an audience with , providing you complete a task for him to prove you're serious, and a gold investment to cover his expenses in getting you an audience with say, Thrall.

You take him up on his offer, and begin your descent from grace with your home city.

Eventually, you complete this recruiter's task, cross his palm with gold and the meeting is setup. Thrall, considers you, but is suspicious - you have to prove yourself further - a series of tasks to prove you are worthy.

You complete the task, Thrall loves ya loads and makes you neutral/friendly with his faction, and hated by your own. In the process, you earn an achievement and a title : The Betrayer or something similar.

But there'd be a way back, right?

Perhaps there's a house of spymasters who are very keen to win back Alliance betrayers. Perhaps they'd offer a route back to redemption in your birth city - one time only and involving a similar time/money investment to the process that saw you ambling around Ogrimmar with your new Orc friends.....and the title of The Redeemed.

Arthas wasnt inherently bad before his descent, and this kind of in-game migration would seem much more appropriate to the game.

I think it'd be nice to choose a path....and to be able to walk back down it, if you so choose.

To pay for it, on the account management console, then log in and hey-presto, you're an Orc or such, would be teh suck imho.

Breakfast Topic: Did the Patch 3.2 news bring you back to the Tournament? {WoW}

Jun 25th 2009 4:22AM AT dailies a grind?

A little tedious perhaps, but having reached Crusader, the champion daily's that remain take little more than 15 minutes to complete in total - minimal time investment for a decent cash reward and ofc the champion seals to stockpile.

I came to the AT off the back of 6 weeks of doing Skybreaker dailes which, to be frank, bored the hell out of me after just a week or so. (How many ungrateful slaves in a cave do I have to slaughter before boredom punts me off the virtual coil?)

I can at least, find some common ground with those who consider the event to be out of place with the whole theme of WotLK. Prancing around on pretty ponies with big point sticks in the frozen wastes of Icecrown is a little bizarre. Sure, tournaments may have been a regular feature of the medieval age, but on the front lines during a war?

The AT would, I think, have been better located at each major city well away from the battle front. That would have made more sense, with selected jousting champions then being signed up and sent to the battle front, for the next phase - that would have tied in nicely and provided a thread for going on to attack the mounted forces in Icecrown, finally leading onto the Coliseum when that's completed.

Arthas must be just about busting his dry and dusty ribs, seeing the eccentric behaviour of the allied forces on his doorstep!

"Oh noes! They killed Chillmaw 30 days in a row.......muhah"