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All the World's a Stage: Out of Character {WoW}

Jul 13th 2009 12:27AM Do you think movies and television are weird? Because that is essentially no different from RP. Roleplayers are actors in a play, portraying characters in a story. The only difference is that roleplayers freeform, while many actors have a script.

There shouldn't be anything 'weird' about it. It isn't about pretending that you're living in a make-believe universe and actually believing it. It's acting out the life of some character in that universe as a means of a fun creative pastime. And just like actors in a play, once you've had enough acting for the day, you can then head out and enjoy a perfectly normal life.

Two Bosses Enter: Anub'Arak vs. Elder Nadox {WoW}

Jul 9th 2009 8:11PM "My might cannot be matched!"

WoW Moviewatch: A Death Knight's Tale - The Battle for Light's Hope Chapel Cinematic Movie {WoW}

Jul 2nd 2009 6:35PM The cinematogrophy was excellent, but the music did not fit in general I think. If one were to take Shadowline's filming and add the music from the Invisusira version, I think the movie would be a lot better (as the biggest problem with Invisusira's was that the cinematography did not have the same quality as the in-game acting or the music).

Exploring Azeroth with quest icons on the map {WoW}

Jun 26th 2009 2:04AM "let's face it, we all used the addons and coordinates while leveling up alts"

Speak for yourself. I've levelled 3 characters to 70+, with others hovering around 40-60, without ever using a quest helping mod or coordinates. The worst I've done is used Jame's Leveling Guide on my last two alts, and only because it helps you prioritize quest order for the most efficient rate possible, not because of needing to know how to do the quests in the first place.

The game is easy enough that you don't need any of these things to level, and more entertaining that way. And once you've done a quest once, you shouldn't need these mods to remember how to do it a second time.

Map icons showing you exactly where quest items/mobs are is a feature I've hated from games like SWG and AoC, and I'm disappointed that it's coming to WoW. It DOES dumb down the game, and it didn't need to be. We didn't need removal of world elites, or making old instances easier (everyone and their mother was getting boosts by then anyway, making it already hard to get proper-level groups for those instances). New players should NOT be told that the only thing that's important is reaching maximum level. New players should still find interest in doing the level up grind, they don't need it faster or easier.

This is an unneeded change. There is nothing wrong with needing to actually think a bit when playing the game. If you don't know where a quest item is, then read it over and think about it. And if you still can't find it, there is no shame in dropping a quest and moving on to a different one. If a quest is too hard, there is nothing wrong with needing to stop for a second, think about how to properly complete it, and try again (I miss trying to solo those world elite quests, for the simple challenge alone, it added spice to leveling).

The problem isn't about players looking for help for completing a quest, it's the issue that it fosters an attitude of entitlement. A game is challenging when it requires the player to interact with it in a thoughtful manner. When it loses that, then it loses any interesting aspect. Too many players have it in their minds that getting to that next level, or to level 80, is the only important goal, when it shouldn't be. The whole journey should be the goal, not just the end-game, which Blizzard seems to be trying to ram down people's throats now.

As long as it's optional, I won't complain, but I have never agreed with questhelping addons and I don't agree with this change either.