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Breakfast Topic: What if you knew the day WoW would go offline? {WoW}

Aug 13th 2009 8:21AM I would take the 15 hours a week I put into WoW and find a new use for them, these include (in no particular order)

1. watching that Farscape dvd boxset that is still sealed
2. cleaning the flat to an OCD level of clean
3. sitting down in my WoW position, headset on, staring at a windows desktop with a distant look in my eyes
4. learn a language
5. learn the guitar
6. venture outside of the house..... no too far

Two Bosses Enter: Ley-Guardian Eregos vs. Loken {WoW}

Jul 17th 2009 7:24AM I voted for a draw, but perhaps an alliance might be a better description:

Loken would not be foolish enough to directly engage the blue dragon head on, however he would attempt to harness his power for himself.

Loken would act on behalf of the old gods, a dragon of this magnitude could serve Yogg Saron's needs in Northrend.

Loken would invite the unsuspecting dragon to witness the power contained within Ulduar, perhaps even offer Eregos a place beside Razorscale, where they could lay waste to the humanoids that tried to stand against them (there are no pesky drakes here to assist them here).

Eregos, overcome by the greed of power, falls victim to Yogg Saron's influence and agrees to take his place alongside the other great powers within Storm Peaks' aged prison.

But Yogg Saron has tricked Eregos, no sooner has the dragon pledged his allegiance to him than Yogg Saron ensnares him and gives Loken juristiction over the beast. Yogg Saron wishes to thank Loken with a fitting mount for his endeavors.

So now when humanoids are waiting at their summoning stone before entering the prison in a futile attempt to storm Yogg Saron, they better keep one eye looking upwards, to check for a mighty giant boss sitting astride a greedy blue dragon consumed by anger.

Ready Check: Freya {WoW}

Jul 15th 2009 10:06AM @firestyle

what is killing you on thorim?

Basic strategy:

Part 1
a) arena: Arena should have no caster dps in it. They get a debuff that gimps their dps, so fill it with physical dps. Hunters are useful here for MDing on to tanks. The arena works best with 3 tanks in it spread around the outside of the central circle. From a healing point of view, your best raid healers need to be here. Dps should be ffocused on the palladin adds first as they heal others.
If you are going to mark adds for dps in arena remember they will be marking in the tunnel as well so try to avoid using the skull and X.

b) tunnel: It is possible to 1 tank the tunnel, but 2 tanks can make it easier. It is likely that everyone in the tunnel will be ranged/casters, so tank needs to be aware they might not have the same amount of buffs to their dmg and therefore agro as they might in a melee group.As you progress down the tunnel the end npc will shoot fire on one side, alternating every 15 seconds on the ranged dps will need to call this out on vent.
With each pack of npc you need to kill the palladin add first.
Once you agro the middle boss he will stop casting the aoe fire, he will however jump onto people at range, so piling close to the boss is essential, hunters need to be a minimum range for dps everyone else closer. He will fall over really easily and then the door behind will open.
Mages in the tunnel are now useful, for polymorphing as many as the adds that come through. The ones that are not CCed can be kited by the tank up to the end mini boss at the top of the stairs. You can then quickly kill the adds, and the miniboss, hopefully in time before more adds spawn.
With everything in the tunnel dead, check on the status of the arena, if they are doing fine, then use a bit a of time (assuming you arent going for hard mode) to bandage players regain a bit of mana and generally get ready for phase 2. To activate phase 2 run through the final corridor, making sure to avoid the central circles which have a massive slow buff and agro thorim before dropping down to join your arena team.

Phase 2

Have your main tank pick up thorim and get healing on him, a combination of palladin druid and disco priest works well for tank healing here.

The healers and ranged dps then need to fan out in a large circle making sure that everyone is not within 12(?) yards of each other. It is important that the healers are well spread so no one is out of range.

Approximately every 20 seconds thorim will cause a lightning effect to run allong the ground from the centre of the circle in a straight line. Everyone then needs to run a minimum of 45 degrees around the circle either side of this lightning stream, if you do not move this hit the average rangeddps/healer for the majority of their health. This is the main cause of wipes in my experience.

With the lightning in mind the dps need to get down to business, a steady stream above 4k dps will get him down in good time.

Breakfast Topic: Shunning the Endgame? {WoW}

Jul 15th 2009 8:25AM WoW is an MMO, we play WoW instead of a normal RPG because we want a level of social interaction, of teamwork or of inclusion while we do the seemingly solitary task of gaming.

If I couldnt raid I would still want to do something as a group. I might be tempted by becoming the master of the 5 man format, especially with the new dungeon coming out. I also might be tempted by levelling alts (I am very main-centric) but only as a group.

I personally need a challenge alongside the social interaction, I don't play rugby (or whichever sport is appropriate for you) just to do a group keep-fit session, I play to win. In WoW, raiding or even PVP gives me that sense of achievement you get when you rise to a challenge, so I would require something similar to pull me away from endgame.

If Blizzard were to introduce non-raid content with a decent degree of difficuly I would be first in line.

Scattered Shots: A deeper look into the Patch 3.2 Hunter changes {WoW}

Jun 26th 2009 8:30AM For it proc after the patch you will require two things:

1. for the proc to not be on cooldown (obviously)
2. for black arrows to be on the target (obviously because we are not going to trap dance on raid bosses)

So if after you first LnL proc you have to wait for the proc to be off cooldown, if your black arrows is then on cool down you then have to wait to fire black arrows for the 6% chance for LnL to proc.

So that 6% chance to proc off each tick of black arrows, will work out as a tiny chance if you were to look at the maximum procs per minute.

MM is already along way ahead of SVL on fights that require a lot of moving(assuming you are in mainly 226 gear) and are about comparable on non moving fights.This nerf will make SVL further behind, and only make it necessary for its regen.

Feel free to point out if I have missed anything

dangphat - MM/SVL hunter - Talnivarr EU