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Recent Comments: lets you watch multiboxing as it happens {WoW}

Jun 26th 2009 5:00PM I'm not saying he's trying to sell you anything off the live stream, I'm just giving background information. You can think I'm wrong all you want. He can trash me all he wants, he's just angry he doesn't get to advertise all over d-b. lets you watch multiboxing as it happens {WoW}

Jun 26th 2009 4:41PM Considering I've paid $20 x5 for 5 keyclone licenses, PLUS I maintain a subscription to InnerSpace, I think it's pretty clear I don't care that he's selling his software. I care that he's spamming users (via PMs on like your garden variety gold spammer.

My argument isn't that his software costs money. My arguement is that he doesn't care about the community by endangering them with potential (and 1 proven) EULA/ToS violating software. I just commented here to clear the air that dual-boxing DOES NOT make it's own software, we are no one's "rival" site. We're a community, and we protect our own.

He's a shady quick buck business man because on at LEAST 3 separate occasions he has shown up to dual-boxing under 3 different user names promoting and spamming his products all over the site. If you don't think that's shady, then I assume you think all gold selling companies that constantly spam in game are all Better Business Bureau approved and upstanding companies don't you? lets you watch multiboxing as it happens {WoW}

Jun 26th 2009 3:50PM I'm Svpernova09 from I'm an admin over there. I just wanted to say that the reason we don't allow Tim's software / discussion of his software, is because mousecloner was found to violate the WoW EULA. And that he keeps showing up under different names spamming our users with advertisements for his software. does NOT make any software, we're just a community out to protect other multiboxers from predators like Tim who are just out to make a quick buck. You see TIm's banners all over wowwiki multiboxing articles, but you DON'T see banner ads for keyclone (or any other boxing software). That's because other software developers are out to HELP and BUILD the community, not make a buck off it as Tim clearly is.