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Has the iPhone App Market already crashed? {}

Aug 18th 2010 7:40PM This is their job, the business pays every developer, designer, graphic artist and everyone who works on the game. It costs them money to pay salaries, pay for the buildings, pay for the electricity, and etc. The $100 charge is nothing compared to everything else.

TUAW review and giveaway: OtterBox Defender case for iPhone 4 {}

Jul 27th 2010 5:28PM I'd love to see a case in Periwinkle!

TUAW review and giveaway: Quirky Beamer iPhone case {}

Jul 2nd 2010 8:03PM I'd use it to light up my room and whenever I need a flashlight without having to find a white screen to use the front!

Win a 16GB Wi-Fi iPad from TUAW {}

May 3rd 2010 3:25PM I would love one. Heading off to college next year and it would make a great addition to the tech family :)

New MacBook Pro models are out now {}

Apr 13th 2010 1:43PM Higher prices for things like these in foreign countries usually has to do with local laws/ taxes/ regulations. For example in germany macs are more expensive because the fovrrnmet requires apple to provide longer warrenty than they usually would. It's something to look into.

TUAW giveaway: A mobile bonanza from Dr. Bott {}

Mar 24th 2010 6:29PM Home near Philly PA and in Rochester, NY at college.

Study: Singapore teens play 27 hours a week {WoW}

Oct 7th 2009 8:50PM I played guild wars before and recently logged in to check it out. I left it running in the background for a while and it was yelling at me for being online for 10+ hours and telling me to take a break.