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TurpsterVision: Multiboxing Unmasked {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2009 7:49PM Pwnboxer is by far the best multiboxing program. I don't know why you choose not to review it, when it does everything you mentioned, such as affinity, and it is BY FAR easier to set up then Keyclone. everybody should check it out

TurpsterVision: Multiboxing Unmasked {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2009 6:50PM
Turpster- Are you aware that Pwnboxer is far easier to set up than any program you've covered, you don't have to do that affinity junk, it is built into Pwnboxer, and so are some extremely easy set up methods?

You should check it out, it definitely blows Keyclone and Octopus away - lets you watch multiboxing as it happens {WoW}

Jun 29th 2009 1:59PM Kintamago:

I appreciate your post but you have a gigantic hole in what you are saying:

#1 - The information on the DB website about Pwnboxer was created by the actual admins, therefore there is no reason to believe they are true. Again, just because somebody creates a forum post on the Internet saying something is true, does not make it true.

#2 - I checked Wowwiki and Pwnboxer is in fact supporting the Wowwiki website by paying the Wowwiki company for advertising. Pwnboxer is not violating any rules, it appears that Pwnboxer actually has a business relationship to support Wowwiki financially.

In fact, now that you pointed me out about Wowwiki, this makes the Pwnboxer guy even more of a respectable figure. He is going out of his way to support the Wowwiki website financially, which in turn enables Wowwiki to pay their bills and support more WoW players.

Notice a trend here? Pwnboxer/Multiboxing guy is:

--- Supporting the community with a LOT of educational live multiboxing videos.
--- Supporting the community by financially support Wowwiki so Wowwiki can continue their website. He does this by paying for banner promotional space.
--- Supporting the community by answering a LOT of WoW general questions on his forums
--- This guy was the CEO of !!! That is one of the most supportive websites that existed.

Also note, you cannot go to the website to discuss this, because if you say anything positive about this guy, they immediately ban you. I know, I mentioned how I use the program there and got immediately banned. I did some checking and found that others are getting banned.

Bottom line here is that all of the actions that website and the operator are showing is that he is supporting the community in multiple ways. lets you watch multiboxing as it happens {WoW}

Jun 29th 2009 3:53AM Did Keyclone (aka KC, why hide?) just say to look for proof of Tim's by linking to a post that Keyclone created himself, which is full of lies, as if that is supposed to be proof? Keyclone creates a forum post of lies and then expects people to believe it is the truth because it is posted on the Internet?

FACT - You created a forum post to discredit a proven community icon and you insult people by assuming they will believe your shady lies.

Now to push this further, Keyclone says that Tim is controlling the site, which is ranked up there with the largest video sites in the world, rumored to be worth in the hundreds of millions, just so Tim can spend 12+ hours a day teaching people how to multibox???

Keyclone (aka admin) you are making a huge fool out of yourself. Please, you are making me feel embarassed for you. Watching your feeble attempt at collaborating so-called facts is akin to watching an ice skater at the Olympics fall during a triple jump thingy.

You do not allow posting of other sites on your own site because you are scared people will educate themselves and use their own free will to find alternatives to what you have to offer. Way to kick your own community in the face. Once again we see your true colors shine through.

As you have easily noticed, your antics and the antics repeated by the owners and admins are being wholly rejected. This multiboxing community rejects you and I have even ready multiple links on your own website that demonstrates that your OWN community is starting to reject you as well. lets you watch multiboxing as it happens {WoW}

Jun 28th 2009 1:50PM Guys I just checked out the website and guess what I saw?

The moderator Key clone who sells his own multiboxing software on the DB website, the same person who is constantly spreading lies about Tim Sullivan and his new and very featureful PwnBoxer, just said this:

"as for being a 'community'... one of the main rules for the community is not to post links to other multi-boxing forums, bleeding this community of its users."

He is so scared his users will leave him that he has to resort to that level of censorship and communistic control. That is exactly the type of attitude we are talking about here. He is ordering the users of his website to never post links to other multiboxing forums. He is ordering the users of his website to dig their heads into the sand and never look elsewhere for quality information.

He is essentially trying to CONTROL his users and REMOVE their decision making ability by banning people who link to other multiboxing websites.

Who on earth gives him the right to try and control the thoughts and opinions and actions of other people? The answer is easy - NOBODY. Yet again we see the admins trying to control their users by Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD), a practice which is unethical, dishonest, and downright shameful.

As for the, Tim Sullivan, Pwnboxer in general, this guy deserves an award for the good work he is doing. I watched his video stream last night which was something like 6-8 hours long and I was extremely impressed at his dedication.

He spent a long time describing how macros are set up, how to use different WoW UI mods, how to do keystroke bindings, and he never once brought up his software until it was asked, and then again he mentioned only how he was using it, how it facilitates easy key broadcasting, and not a single time did he say anything advertisey in any fashion.

In fact, he even said that people don't have to use his software, they can use whatever software works best for them.

So to the live video broadcast of multiboxing, PLEASE KEEP UP THE WONDERFUL WORK! You have helped what appears like approaching ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND people in the last couple weeks.

Bravo to for your great resource. Please keep up the good work!!!

Shame on for your constant lies and dishonest tactics. lets you watch multiboxing as it happens {WoW}

Jun 27th 2009 2:48PM Firstly, this multiboxing video stream is AMAZING. This guy obviously has the community at heart as he is spending time and time showing people the methods used to multibox right from the very start.

I completely commend him.

Second, for all those people like Vector and Supernova spreading all these fake rumors, I did my research. What I found is this:

The author has made multiple community enhancing efforts including various websites, and software tools, all of which enrich the general public and help out World of Warcraft players greatly. He has contributed VASTLY to this game.

Vector/Supernova/Dual-boxing have been spreading lies and rumors constantly such as what you are seeing here. They have no proof of anything, their only "proof" is their own website which has what clearly seems to me like lies and falsified information.

I did my research and I discovered why Supernova/Dual-boxing have been slandering Tim/ It is because they are being PAID to do so. Their website makes a (imo inferior) multiboxing software and they are paid for every time they sell it. No wonder why they are taking these low ball and shady tactics.

This is yet another example of Tim's contribution to the gaming community.

The Supernova/Dual-boxing is setting yet another example of their blatant greed and general dishonesty by slandering one of the most contributing people to this game today, aside from Blizzard of course. website quotes "NEXT LIVE BROADCAST: 9pm CST 06/27/09" and I will be there to watch the entire thing. KEEP IT REAL!!!!