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Entelligence: Conspiracy theory, part one {Engadget}

Aug 14th 2010 8:37PM @proppat

How is spraying on a grey-colored dielectric coating a costly redesign, again? It'd still be metal, feel like metal, just... not destroy reception when capacitively coupled by your fingers. This is NOT a difficult problem to fix.

Cataclysm Beta: Warrior stance changes and mastery {WoW}

Aug 14th 2010 2:22PM Question: if these abilities (like Death Wish) really stack off Mastery, does the 'buff' granted scale with current Mastery on your gear or is it set once you pop the button?

In the latter case, couldn't you use a weapon swap macro (or at least the ranged slot so proc enchants don't get wasted) to swap in a mastery-stacked item, pop Death Wish or similar on-use enrage ability to get the better Enrage/effects, then swap back to another normal strength/crit/haste item?

I'm guessing they'll make it auto-update with swaps, but it sounds like it might work to edge a bit more out with the current build. I'm not in the beta, or I'd check it out.

Fiber optics get political in Australia as opposition party vows to scale down national broadband plan {Engadget}

Aug 10th 2010 10:12PM @Indefinite Implosion

All I have to say is, from experience here in the USA back in the 90's: if you give telecoms boatloads of cash or incentives that's intended to go toward infrastructure, put SOMETHING in the bill to hold them accountable for what they do with the windfall.

Because over here, they all just sucked up $300 Billion in tax breaks and related incentives that were supposed to go toward criss-crossing the nation in fiber... turned it into short-term gains for the bottom line and never did jack.

Those decisions are coming back to haunt us big time, while we fall behind the rest of the developed world in broadband penetration and average speeds. We've got to deal with the mess, but don't make the same mistakes!

Plastic Logic kills QUE, 'shifts focus' to second-generation ProReader {Engadget}

Aug 10th 2010 10:04PM @Monsterr

Personally, me and the entire rest of the business / science / medicine / engineering world are desperate for a reader that can fit an entire 8.5/11" sheet on one screen, without its own walled-garden 'ecosystem' (looking at you, iTunes), including support or fast high quality conversion for common office filetypes... hell I'd take just PDF with annotation capability.

Two years ago when they announced the tech for what would become the Que, it would have made huge waves. They would have made a killing in these industries. This is probably the first tablet I'd seen that would have a flying chance at replacing textbooks for college students, too. But for reasons that may never become public, they waited too long. Was it to get a retail partner onboard (B&N)? Perhaps they had issues in production? Whatever the case, they teased the product for too long and got burned.

Before last year's CES I wanted this device. Period. Just about cost-no-object too, and they priced it as such. But after CES, it became clear that the future wasn't going to be in static E-Ink. Why would it be, when you can slap Mirasol in there and have full-motion video for less battery drain than E-Ink refreshing every second? My expectations for the form factor were raised. With a color bistable screen that could do refreshes that fast while sipping battery power, why not wait? Mate the form factor with a pen/touch hybrid layer with a VGA out and suddenly it's a replacement for a laptop as a presentation device, you can annotate your files live, etc. Someone will put the pieces together, eventually.

I'm not describing the iPad; its stupid reliance on iTunes as a tunnel for all of your data is not acceptable, nor is the gimped iOS (complete with arms race between Jobs and jailbreakers), nor is its IPS screen and consequent eyestrain and large battery to allow anything close to usable battery life. I'm describing the evolution of e-readers and their eventual convergence with netbooks/small laptops.

Anyway, that's what is going on here.

Duke study finds solar power cheaper than nuclear, Coach K stronger than Roy {Engadget}

Aug 10th 2010 10:38AM @danwallie

The problem with all of these 'comparisons' is that they don't factor in the requisite infrastructure. Consider what happens if we take solar to the extreme: the grid has massive unpredictable spikes based on time and geographical location during the day based on weather - and produces next to nothing after dark. The only possible way to balance solar is either to have true global generation and sharing (unlikely for all sorts of obvious reasons, would require ocean bottom superconductors to prevent loss, $$, politics, etc) or to have very difficult to design battery and capacitor based installations to store up peaks during the day and discharge at night. Battery tech isn't fast enough and certainly isn't cheap enough to make that economical anytime soon.

Solar helps but it is not, and probably with its limitations will never be, the utopian solution these type of folks seem to think it could be. Nuclear on the other hand is steady, always-on, grid-friendly generation. These plants are plug-and-play with our current grid.

We could be building new meltdown-proof Integral Fast Reactor (IFR) plants that use what we currently classify as 'waste' for fuel RIGHT NOW if Clinton hadn't scrapped the entire research program to pacify some hippies back in the 90's. Go do a search on "IFR program," it's all public knowledge; it actually took more money to cancel than it would have to finish! We need more nuclear generation, as soon as we can get it. What we have is aging fast, and no new plants have been made for too long.