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Recent Comments: lets you watch multiboxing as it happens {WoW}

Jun 28th 2009 7:25PM i was told of this page by a user. reading through the comments is just funny.

(i would be surprised if tarpo wasn't tim and richard should show me how you can add a function to keyclone without hacking it)

keyclone was first released in april 2006. came into existence in jan 2007. i joined the community in july 2007, which was mostly hardware boxers, since that was the main way people did it. that changed once they found keyclone.

is keyclone promoted on the site? sure. it was the first, after all.

since then, d-b has promoted numerous other products (i could think of at least 6 off the top of my head). if anything new comes along, OF COURSE we pull it immediately in order to protect our users. we do not allow anything to be posted that could be in violation or a potential security threat. this is common sense.

we also do not allow advertising of other sites, as the point is to grow the community and not be a conduit/ad-channel for some snake oil salesman.

if tim and crew say otherwise, that their 'community' would be open to such things... i would suggest posting links to and keyclone. watch how fast they will be yanked. the same for his video stream. users have reported being ip banned from the video feedback for mentioning dual-boxing. is tim paying to block competition? i think so. don't believe me? try it.

if you want more back story on tim and his antics, there is a post on d-b stickied under general:

during the wowwiki edit war, i posted a link to dual-boxing and keyclone on, as tim was claiming it was a 'community' site in an irc chat with the wowwiki mods. it was removed within the day. (i have screenshots)

all this drama is tim created. lax, freddie, skarlot, s.wilson and myself are all software devs whose products are on the site. we all get along quite well and don't get into this type of insidious web attacks.

if you actually care about the facts, they are all available on dual-boxing. i'd suggest checking out tim's site, but he ip banned me for posting the link to dual-boxing that first day.

and yes... i'll be surprised if this comment remains. therefore, i will screenshot it after posting.