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Recent Comments: lets you watch multiboxing as it happens {WoW}

Jun 29th 2009 6:31PM A little test:

1. Go to the pwnboxer site and join the chat.
2. Ask them why you have to pay for pwnboxer since there are several free and supported alternatives like Octopus and Hotkeynet or even pure hardware solutions.
3. Mention that there is an active community on dual-boxing that suports these FREE products.
4. Ask how pwnboxer compares to other paid products also supported on dual-boxing like ISboxer and Keyclone.

See how long it takes to get you booted from pwnboxer and IP banned.

(you might also want to ask yourself why dual-boxing supports all these other paid for and free products yet refuses to support pwnboxer at all and maybe wonder if perhaps there is more truth to the negative comments about pwnboxer than some might think)

(if pwnboxer is really just about multiboxing and not about trying to sell his product then he should welcome and encourage the mention of all products that support multiboxing even if they are in competiton to his own product.

You will find that on dual-boxing you can discuss all products, free or paid for even if they are rivals to Keyclone with the exception of pwnboxer products for reasons that have been made clear in earlier posts)