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Spiritual Guidance: ICC-10 gear guide for holy and discipline priests {WoW}

Jan 24th 2010 11:17PM I disagree that you should gear up dps before healers. Once your healers get geared out, you can afford to run with one less healer on many bosses, giving you a much larger raid dps boost than having your heals pass on gear to dps. We currently 5 heal plagueworks and 4 heal the first wing.

Breakfast Topic: Healers are the drummers of WoW {WoW}

Jan 7th 2010 10:21AM As a Holy Priest with a geared 80 Prot Warrior alt, I will say that for 5 mans the tank is more important than the healer. I usually queue for random heroics as shadow to speed things up, because a geared out healer is overkill. I'd much rather have a good tank than a good healer in the group.

Wintergrasp defense / offense on unbalanced realms {WoW}

Dec 17th 2009 6:57PM Lets all add him to mailing lists.

How the WoW community is about to push the self-destruct button {WoW}

Dec 13th 2009 1:59PM Sorry.. but the idea that the LFG system "had to" be implemented because its harder to find groups nowadays is flat out wrong. Are you saying that servers were more populated in the past? And if the problem is lack of population on servers (which is clearly no the case, given queue time problems etc. as of late), then why would they keep adding more servers?

As for guilds going vacant because they are unhappy with the direction the game is taking... perhaps people don't want to play the same game for 5 years? Guilds have been forming and disbanding since the dawn of WoW.

Raid Rx: Healing Lord Marrowgar {WoW}

Dec 8th 2009 8:06AM I haven't tried any of ICC on the PTR, but I'm wondering this: Do you really need healers split left and right? Or can you have healers in the center with DPS split left and right? I have usually found that having a healer on the far side of any encounter is a poor decision, and leaves him only able to heal half of his potential range.

Patch 3.3: Luck of the Draw buffs you for pugging {WoW}

Dec 6th 2009 3:18PM I think those who complain about Bad Pugs are probably.. bad pugs themselves. I have a priest and a warrior, and have pugged with both extensively, and rarely ever have I ended up with a group that is incapable of clearing heroics quickly. When I'm Tanking, I can carry the group well enough by holding aggro and not taking much damage. When I'm healing, I can heal through overpulls and aggro losses. When I'm dps, I can provide enough dps to lighten the load on the rest of the group.

If you require a full guild run in order to be successful, then maybe its time you start pugging to hone your skills a little bit.

Patch 3.3: Luck of the Draw buffs you for pugging {WoW}

Dec 6th 2009 3:06PM I would say you're definitely not special if you can't manage to run a heroic with a random group of people. What, you can't handle a challenge?

Patch 3.3: Luck of the Draw buffs you for pugging {WoW}

Dec 6th 2009 2:59PM LOL I just maked the comment blacker with my thumb LOL

Healer survey contains a wealth of information about healing {WoW}

Oct 31st 2009 11:04PM As a holy priest myself, I felt like gouging my eyes out reading her answers to her own survey:

1. "Divine Hymn - I just can't seem to get myself to use it, or find a situation in which it would be useful!"
Seriously. This is probably a healing priest's best spell. It will pretty much guarantee that the raid will be topped off for its duration.

2. "Lack of instant burst healing... I'm thinking Penance or even Holy Shock. I wish we had a single target instant burst heal, even if it were on a long cooldown. Something like desperate prayer, but for someone other than ourselves."
Power Word Shield? Circle of Healing? Prayer of Mending? Surge of Lights? Holy Priests have the best instant cast burst healing out of any class/spec. It is possible to stay completely mobile while raid healing in many cases. If anyone needs instant burst healing, Prayer of Mending and Circle of Healing is usually more than enough to buy time until you get a flash heal off (which will most of the time be instant cast after CoH anyways)

3. "Druids. Don't get me wrong, I think Druids and Priests play quite well together - we have Divine Spirit, which I'm sure they like, and they have Innervate which makes me drool with love, not to mention combat rezzing. It's just that it can be tricky to heal well with druid priests, because it is difficult to resist healing over their HoTs. I try not to do it whenever possible, because I don't want to waste their mana, but Circle of Healing does not take HoTs into account, and just heals whoever is at the lowest health within range anyway."

Ugh. For one, a priest should not expect a resto druid's innervate. Secondly, you "resist" healing over a druid's HoTs?? Why should HoTs take priority over faster heals? The idea is to keep the raid alive, not to avoid overhealing at all costs. Think of HoTs as a buffer allowing peoples' health to always be on the increase if your heals do not make it quick enough... It's not a competition. In many cases people can take 90% of their health in damage in under a second. Get those health bars topped off as fast as possible!

4. "People make the assumption that Holy Priests are only really good at AoE heals, or raid healing. Holy Priests are fantastic at raid healing, but it's not just because they have good AoE heals - it's also because they can react well to changing fight dynamics, and MT heal if needed. I cringe whenever I hear someone say "holy priests can't MT heal!". Of course we can - it's a waste of our abilities to put us primarily on MT if there is a disc priest or holy pally around, but we can still do a good job."
No. The only situation in which a Holy Priest should be MT healing.. is when the raid consists of only Holy Priests. As the game currently stands, every other healing class is better suited to MT heal.

Breakfast Topic: I hate {WoW}

Sep 12th 2009 6:38AM Casting Trinket+Psychic Scream, right after eachother, but somehow being re-stunned before the fear casts.

Actually I can simplify this. I hate rogues.