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Drama Mamas: Let the drama begin! {WoW}

Jul 10th 2009 2:38PM I can't say I haven't had a problem with young people in my guild. And there are some 14 and 16 year olds in my guild that are good players and work with everyone during raids as a Team. Some young folks I had to have a talk with , but then again their are some older folks (25-47 years old) I had to have a talk with about their behavior and attitude. So to me age really doesn't matter. It is all about if you are a mature person. As a Guild Leader I try to hold the group together and how I do that is taking my real life experience as a Squad Leader in the military and bring my type of leadership to my guild mates. I have had much success where most of my guild officers and members are on a first name bases. Hell some of us even call each other to work out how to better ourselves in Raids. Anybody wanting to raid and enjoy WoW are welcomed into my Guild no matter what the age. I always lay out the ground rules on not putting up stupid behavior or guild in fighting. No matter what age a person is I or a Guild Officers will boot someone for immature behavior after you already been warned.

Patch 3.2: Argent Coliseum 5-man story and encounters (SPOILERS) {WoW}

Jun 30th 2009 12:09PM For a number of years that is what Warcraft has always been about: Alliance vs the Horde! But what happens when a threat comes about and threats everyone? Do we stand together putting our differences aside or do we like arrogant fools stand alone thinking we can beat back the threat? The Death god is a major threat. The Lich King is a major threat. There are strength in numbers and with the combine forces of Alliance and Horde both these major threats can be put down. As a Leader one has to find the best way to serve his or her people. The War Chief sees this and Lady Proudmoore sees this also. Together they see the traitor Prince Arthas wouldn't stand a chance. But divided things will fall. Warcraft is not about the Alliance vs the Horde anymore now a days. Its about saving the world from being over run by undead and power mad Old gods. It's not about doing whatever it takes to take revenge on someone who has done you wrong (Former Ranger General-now Lady of the Forsaken). It is about how best to serve your people in righting the wrongs done not only to yourself but to everyone of your people. You wisely chose to throw in with the Horde. Alone the Dark Lady knows she can't beat Arthas but with the strong backing from the Horde as a whole Arthas is dead meat permenantly. But secertly you make a concoction that will take down both the living and the dead. Shame on you and your selfishness! You might as well went it alone in your quest to get Arthas back if you don't care who you kill to get at him. King of Stormwind, yes you lost a good friend and a brother at arms. Yes, you where treated wrong by the Horde but guess what? You have to learn to see past all that shit. Some humans treated Thrall wrong and tried to hunt this Orc Leader down like a dog. He saw past all that and wants to give a Alliance between the Horde and the Alliance a chance to beat back those major threats. But you my dear King only see what you call are savages. You are so blind by hate, pain, and rage that your Leadership has gone down the tubes. It is not about you my dear King of Stormwind it is about the people who will suffer in the world if the major threats are left unchecked. Takes some Leadership examples from Lady Proudmoore and put them to use in your own life. Or better yet sit down with the Consort of the Red Dragonflight and get some pointers off him. Karsus has been through alot of stuff down the hundreds of years he has been alive and his has worked with those types of people you want to call savages for the common good of the world.

Bottem line is this: the enemy of my enemy can be my friend until I take care of the most dangerous enemy. Not one fraction in the Alliance or Horde are anywhere near perfect. There have been wrongs done on both sides of the fence. But now it is not about you, Alliance or Horde, it is about your people being wiped off the face of the planet by the Old gods or Arthas the traitor Prince. It's about Deathwing watching and waiting to pounce on our asses when he sees our defenses down because we keep the Alliance and Horde war going. The Major threats are out there. Now it is up to the Alliance leadership to work out those internal conflicts within the organization that keep us divided (King of Stormwind...Power play between the Night Elf High Priestess and Arch Druid) and up to the Horde to do the same (Overlord's do it alone attitude and Forsaken Dark Lady kill anything that gets in my way of taking out Arthas). Or it is time for some new Leaders to step up and take the reins of leadership from those that are ineffective in taking care of the Old gods and the Lich King.