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Should there be a hide option for RealID? {WoW}

Feb 8th 2012 2:50AM I got this same impression about half way through the first page of comments. If these people can't respect the wishes/reasons of those wishing for the option then they are likely of the people I would like to occasionally hide from.

I love playing with my guild but there are times when I just want to do something different from them. I desperately want to add some of my wow friends to my real Id that are also into playing other blizzard games but the always on option keeps me from doing so.

4 steps for dealing with Raid Finder harassment {WoW}

Jan 30th 2012 5:54PM When people start making a fuss about the group over all or how this is so easy and we must be bad for not being able to do it the first time and then randomly throw out blanket statements about this group being made of all bad players, I remind them that this is the "place for the bad players" and that these players are were they are supposed to be. It usually shuts up the people who are just talking to see their chat in raid, as well as the people who complain about someone else winning their roll.

I have one more tip:
Know your upgrades but remember they are upgrades for others as well too. Your dps may be exceptional but that other char may be upgrading a blue in that slot and as long as the character is doing more than standing at the entrance waiting for the boss to have a heart attack then they are EXACTLY AS DESERVING AS YOU to receive that item.

Breakfast Topic: What do you think about the new holiday boss style? {WoW}

Dec 27th 2011 3:13PM @draev: druids are not slightly modified versions of other classes, they are HEAVILY modified versions of other classes. Bear/warrior with 1/4th the toolkit, cat/rogue with 1/4th the toolkit, moonkin/mage at first, now... let's give you an "interestingmechanic", and healers were basically flat utility then raid only heals and now feel meh. Yes we top meters and I guess keeping lifeblood up is like the new holy power for paladins and the chairs for priests. I personally wish they would stop adding "awesome mechanics" to classes that are not considered hero classes. And the fact that they tried hero classes and couldn't balance them well enough to not be op at just about any level shows how much they shouldn't do that again.

Breakfast Topic: What do you think about the new holiday boss style? {WoW}

Dec 27th 2011 3:00PM The easiest way to make it so you don't sit int he capital city and question for everything would be to take it all back to world instance locations. I for one, don't want to go back to a time where I am the only one who knows where a location is because the rest of the group doesn't know how to google/explore.
as for this holiday boss, I think they should have a portal up for the holidayand just make it so you have to be at the portal to queue ( kind of like how they did g's before the finder)
Just make it somewhere like bril or elwynn or some place accessible easily for each faction.
Also: if I was alliance, I would skip the boss in this state, heck, I am horde and I have yet to do this boss. Too much hassle.
Somewhere between instant access and long mindnumbing flight would be nice.

The Queue: Morshed Khan the sitar player {WoW}

Dec 25th 2011 9:31AM As to the not getting loot in the dragon soul raid (something just about anyone could freaking see from a distance) I wish they would implement something like the call to arms mysterious satchel for those persons who did not get anything off a boss (and possibly also those people who do a boss a second+ time where they would be ineligible for loot by virtue of being at a boss downing before)

Get a satchel in the mail with some almost surely not the flask bonus you need and a chance, however small) of a pet or mount.
It would help get people to queue multiple times per boss and may keep the turn over rate between bosses a bit lower.

Dos question for the random dungeons are almost always for a tank or healer, adding in the option for the satchel that even a dos could (and likely would) get would be nice.

Also, call to arms for the raid finder may be necessary for any older raids, the newer raid will always be in high demand and so far has not been even as long as a dps queue for the random dungeons.

WoW Rookie: How to gear up for Raid Finder {WoW}

Dec 9th 2011 12:44PM Seriously, if you need to progress your ilevel do as follows:
Pop yourself in a regular (REGULAR) level 85 dungeon
Equip tabard that gives rep for your shoulder or helm enchantment
Quest in twilight highlands until dungeon queue pops
enter dungeon, say hi and buff
complete dungeon (and collect JP tokens)
Repeat from enter regular dungeon queue
Use accumulated JP to grab gear from vendor
Once you have the sufficient gear level to enter heroic level dungeons, do so, but only to cap valor for the week and then return to regular dungeons
Once your gear level raises to the point of the new heroics run those for both gear and valor tokens. At this point, running the regular heroics is pretty worthless unless you need to fill a specific item slot. Return to regular dungeons after hitting the valor cap for the week. At this point, the gear from the new heroics and the JP gear will have made your ilevel skyrocket.
quick point: justice may the the lower tier of gear but the dungeons themselves will be quicker to run without an inexperienced group and in general wont require any coordination at all.
Don't forget to change out your tabard upon exalted rep and grab enchants/reforge any epic gear from justice vendors, valor vendors or the new tier of heroics.
Had an ilevel of 358 at the beginning of december and now have an ilevel of 372the from just the justice vendor, new heroic dungeon items, auction house and a single valor item (agility relic).

Breakfast Topic: What class should a brand new player pick? {WoW}

Jul 16th 2011 1:35PM Before the changes to auto shot I would have recommended a hunter but now I can't even effectivly play one because of the auto shot changes, I feel like a noob every time I pull way before my pet even gets there and I become so frustrated that I have to stop playing the characters.

As it goes though:
ranged warlock
Melee warrior
Heals capable ranged priest or paladin
Tank capable paladin (hands down easiest at lower levels)

I was going to do melee pure and ranged pure and the like but decided that there would be too little competition between some classes.

Shifting Perspectives: How to raid as a balance druid {WoW}

Jul 15th 2011 9:38PM Having a class that can do any of the roles at any time would be either so insanely powerful that there would be no need for any other class ever or so limited spell or utility wise that they would be a net loss to bring to an encounter. Also hate to see how they would play in a 5 man setting if they are so gimped.

You seem many intell/agility/strength gear any more in current content(or anything after vanilla/early bc)? Having a true hybrid who could do everything equally well without respeccing/gear changing means any hybrid gear would need more of all of the stats on their gear to even come on par to a pure class. Stat allocation would be so wacked for hybrids.

Breakfast Topic: Male or female? {WoW}

Jul 4th 2011 7:24PM I play mostly females with a heavy emphasis on tauren horde side and dreanei alliance side. Most of the males i have are because I dislike the female version of that races' casting or melee. Had a male rogue for a while and decided to roll a male troll druid when the option became available and that character did not even make it to level 5 before deletion, hated casting moves.

Breakfast Topic: Do you have a favorite race? {WoW}

Apr 22nd 2011 8:14AM Tauren, tauren and more tauren.

second favorite is probably dreanei and close third is probably worgen.