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The Queue: The first Queue {WoW}

Jun 23rd 2011 6:30PM Q for the Q: If Sylvanas is now able to raise beings from dead using her various methods, why don't we see undead trolls or draenei runnig around? Onenwould think that for someone who wants to keep her people alive that she would want to diversify her pool of candidates.

Win a Razer Nostromo game keypad from WoW Insider {WoW}

Apr 26th 2011 8:16PM Definitely interested

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway Day 4: Razer Naga Molten gaming mouse {WoW}

Dec 25th 2010 1:03PM Let's hope I win this sweet mouse

Scattered Shots: Camouflage {WoW}

Sep 7th 2010 2:14PM I have a question, wouldn't being involved in a AOE when camo breaks put the player in battle? If so, just follow the hunter and AOE when the camo has about 5 seconds left or so, that way no need to test reflexes because the hunter gets AoE'd into battle, thus making it useless the second. I believe this effect levels the playing field when it comes to the superiority that some classes have over hunters. For example, if a hunter is surprised by a melee class we are essential SOFL, unless we can somehow manage a freezing trap in the midst of being stunned or knocked down. Other classes have a way of mitigating this, either through invisibility or bubbles, or some type of slowing effect. Why not hunters?

Scattered Shots: Camouflage {WoW}

Sep 7th 2010 2:01PM Not to mention that many classes have a reset button, such as bubble, invisibility, stealth and fears. I do think maybe an increase on the cooldown would make it easier to stop chain casting but after that it seems fine. No one seems to complain about mages frost nova+invisibility. This does increase the survivability of a hunter but in no way makes the unkillable

Scattered Shots: Camouflage {WoW}

Sep 6th 2010 11:14PM @ jslim- How is that any different from how it currently is on live? I believe that this was created as a defensive panic button in case someone gets the drop on us not really as an offense starter of sorts. In fact I believe that there aren't so many situations in which using camo would be a benefit over just a simple freezing trap or frozen arrow to gain distance. this has barely any value in arena's since your basically costing your team extra dps and giving the other team a big disadvantage, in bg's you can be seen and if anything puts a bigger target on yourself as a hunter rather than remove attention from you. In PVE and soloing this has some basic uses of getting around difficult mobs, or just simply having to fight through 10 mobs to get to one specific one, say in a cave etc. Many classes have defensive buttons like this, pally's, mages, rogues, warlocks, priests, shaman's all have ways that make it easier to get away from an opponent, so i don't see why a hunter shouldn't especially since we can't even use our main form of attack if a melee class runs at us using sprint etc. Lastly, having A0E disrupt the effect is counter intuitive since the hunter can be seen, all the opponent would have to do is just aim ahead and fire effectively making the move a moot point. I see Camo as another tool in our utility box not a dps increaser/game changer the way some of you have suggested.

Scattered Shots: Camouflage {WoW}

Sep 6th 2010 6:19PM I honostly don't see the big problem with it. Most classes have an ability to control this or to compete with it. Furthermore having this doesn't give the hunter any advantage over say an opposing player. If the hunter is seen, he can be followed and them attacked when he decamos. If your smart enough to stay within the range where the hunter can't use his ranged weapon you should be good to go. If you happen to turn your back on himmthrn that's your fault. As stated this has barely an use in arena teams as a camo'd hunter effectively makes it 5-4 against the humter's team. In bg's the game will evolve with tactics to counter such threats, as all games do. The only question I have is against bosses in instances. I'm wondering whether a hunter could run straight to the boss and comtinuously trap a boss to death or would being have the effect of kiting something to far, to the point that it can't follow/see you and then it's health resets. So would endless trap damage even be viable, not to mention the horribly long time it would take to down a boss if it did even work

How to configure your router to allow fast BitTorrent downloads {The Peer-to-Peer Weblog}

Dec 24th 2005 7:46PM Hey guys, ive been having some trouble... I'm using the same router as you guys are but im not on a windows im on a mac 10.3 and i tried waht you guys said but it stil running at 3kbs do you guys know what the problem for this might be??? Would the procedure be the same for either mac or windows. LAstly should i name the program Torrent or Bittorrent

you canr each me at