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Yogg-Saron in blues {WoW}

Sep 3rd 2009 9:13AM A lot of nice responses, thanks!

It was a brilliant run, really fun. As I wrote in the comments for Gevlon's blog the fights really where different. I would say that for 60-80% of the fights we had to revise the normal tactics we used and actually had to have perfect execution for it to work.

Hodir is a great example. It was definately not as we normally can do it with 1-2 healers and have it down in less than 2 minutes. The NPCs died rather fast as well, even if we broke out appropriate ones after each flash freeze which resulted in us not having those buffs for more than half of the fight.

Yogg-Saron was hard. The dps checks was really tightly tuned and I think that when we finally killed him we had around 30 seconds left on enrage. We did Yogg+1 the next week to finish up Glory and oneshotted that. It was just so easy, was such a huge difference.

FL was easily the hardest fight though. Instead of having around 50-80% of our normal dps and HP the vehicles had around 30% of what we normally have. On top of that the damage was a 3d as well. We really had to pull out some crazy stunts and got a bit lucky with the pursuits.

If you want more info about the run or have any questions, please contact me on our forums,

Ready Check: Kologarn, Iron Council, Auriaya, Pt III {WoW}

Jul 2nd 2009 5:41AM So on the topic of Iron Council Hardmode on Heroic.

First the killorder:

Recommended tank on Stormcaller at the start is a feral druid which can then go cat on stormcaller and Steelbreaker when Runemaster is dead. Runemaster tank will take over tanking on Stormcaller.

The static charge is preferring ranged targets. So when Runemaster dies you take Stormcaller and Steelbreaker together, gather all of the ranged on top of them except for 2-3 "static charge soakers" which will stand on range and just take the damage from static charge. Hunters are a good choice for soakers since they have to be on ranged. Shadowpriests are also a very good choice because of the inherent 15% damage reduction from shadowform.

The raid will now dps down Stormcaller. When stormcaller does his Overload the ranged has to move out, the tanks can stay since it doesnt really hit for that much.

After about 2 overloads Stormcaller should be dead. Now start nuking Steelbreaker. You should get him to around 80-85% before the first overwhelming power. You now have 30 seconds before your first tank will blow up. At 10 seconds have the tank counting down the remaining time. At 4 seconds remaining you have tank2 taunting Steelbreaker and tank1 running away to explode. Tank2 will then get Overwhelming power and you have another 30 seconds. Use a druid to ress the dead tank1 or have the tank soulstoned before he dies. Bloodlust after 2nd tankswitch. when tank3(tank1) is tanking he should start using CDs for Fusion Punches. Now raidhealing will be hard and soakers will take A LOT of damage. You will most likely need 1 more tankswitch and then he should be dead. The last 10% is hard.

Totally you need around 120000ish raiddps to get Steelbreaker down in around 120 seconds. You should preferably have him down before that.