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Patch 3.2 upcoming Paladin changes {WoW}

Jul 2nd 2009 2:41PM I agree Gasaraki. Anybody that was still playing a ret pal will be moving on. Maybe people dont notice that only specs worth your while as a paladin now is protection or healing. I stop playing when they got Ulduar out. I could not kill shit and my healing was reduced at the same time with the changes. Great we get extra attacks, but we lose at least 40% of the damage we use to do. What is so great about an extra attack when you usually take that time to heal yourself so you dont looks like I wont be subscribing back to wow soon wiht the news I am hearing. I dont want to play a dk or war. I want to play a ret pally that can fit into a raid or play in pvp and be decent which cannot be accomplish at the moment. I think the blizz creator should seriously ask themselves what is the use of a ret pally in wow where does a ret pally stand out. Sorry for the complaining guys I just had to say my piece.