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Lose It! app for iPhone updated to 2.0, introduces online sync service {}

Nov 26th 2009 11:09AM It's easy enough to make a second account and download it if you want to try it.

It looks pretty good anyway. I hope they look at adding automatic unit switching in the future and opening it up to markets outside the US properly.

Super Nintoaster gets us all ready for the N64toaster {Engadget}

Mar 22nd 2009 8:08AM Fraking toasters.

French Push Pop Ad Pushes Propriety Levels {Slashfood}

Feb 18th 2009 4:24PM That ad was shown in the UK as well, in English as well I think.

Last time I saw a Push Pop was about 5 years ago or so.

Starbucks Sells Out...In an Instant! {Slashfood}

Feb 17th 2009 7:45PM "Schultz ends with a strangely out-of-touch analysis of the company's patrons."

Nah, I'd say it's accurate.

Most of what your average Starbucks devotee knows about coffee is corporate bullshit vomited by Starbucks marketing department anyway. They'll just drink this shit up with there genuine Columbian Mocha-Frappe, but at the end of the day it's just the same bullshit that a company that wants to kills good food has been spewing for a decade+

Simply Wonderful Scottish Baps {Slashfood}

Feb 13th 2009 8:18PM As as Scottish cook, in Scotland, I have to say I have never heard of those in my life.

I suspect they may be an American bastardisation of the Buttery, a savoury lard based breakfast food.

They are no relation to either Shortbread or "Scotch" (which is it'self a bastardised term - the correct name is whisky - if you need to clarify the nationality the word you seek is "Scottish").

iLife '09 begins move to Intel-only mainstream software from Apple {}

Feb 4th 2009 10:57AM It's not really that surprising (especially as it was pointed out in Ballmer's keynote). Third-party developers seem to have been releasing less and less universal binaries in the last year, instead going with Intel only products.

The Worst Food in America? {Slashfood}

Jan 25th 2009 6:00PM I think you mean 1,700miligrams of salt.

1,700 grams of salt is nearly two kilos (or nearly 4 pounds!!)

Are Cravings Fuelled by Your Sex? {Slashfood}

Jan 20th 2009 1:52PM Call me when they get the word on male food craving, because unless I'm a women trapped in a man's body, chicks ain't the only ones getting the cravings.

Will Wrath really be ready by November 13? {WoW}

Sep 25th 2008 7:39PM Possibly just poor phrasing, but you don't join a Beta to test you're character and the balance, you join it to test the whole game.

Waste of a beta place.

Will Wrath really be ready by November 13? {WoW}

Sep 25th 2008 7:35PM So no-one remembers the state of WoW when it was launched?

You know, where chunks of content were unfinished, and it was bugged to hell?