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Taiwanese player earns all of the achievements {WoW}

Dec 3rd 2009 9:07PM This is legit. It is a dude btw. It's been mentioned on mmo-champ, the escapist magazine, and surprisingly showed up as a front page featured rticle on a few days ago. As to his feats of strength they don't show up on armory. His guild is like the top 5 and there are pol in it and around the world who are only a few achieves away from total completion. Also like to mention that the yahoo article or escapist one can't remember which, showed a picture of him and some hi up blizz honcho congratulating him personally and giving him some award ceremony and gifts or something. Oh and he doesn't look like Jenkins from south park. Was this real skinny tall lanky guy. Also in the mmo champ forums had a discussion bout this. He could easily get these by himself (ie without a team of ppl tag team account sharing) with something as simple as around 6 hours a day. Anyway major congrats to the guy. You're an inspiration to all us "wow nerds" (cookie to the guy who can tell me who I'm quoting from uilgay atchway) and I def insist nay demand a 15 min fame with this guy. Would be so cool to have an interview with him for tips to aspiring overachievers

Two Bosses Enter: Herald Volazj vs. King Dred {WoW}

Nov 19th 2009 9:37PM Hmmm, King Dred vs. Herald Volazj, this is sure to be an interesting match. I’ll do this in two parts so here be ready for my wall o’text.

Part 1: Abilities and assumed run down

• Note: Assuming all bosses are fighting on heroic mode Thunderdome =P
• Note 2: Assuming same starting HP of rounded up Heroic mode HP

Herald Volazj
•HP: 450,000
•Insanity: At around 66 and 33 percent health, Herald Volazj becomes invulnerable to damage and applies debuff to the entire party. Similar in nature to phasing, each individual member sees hostile copies of their original party. Clones have about 12k hp each and must all be killed. Once an individual player's copies are dead, you lose the Insanity debuff and can begin assisting other members to kill their own hostile clones
•Mind Flay: Only targets the main tank and inflicts shadow damage.
•Shadow Bolt Volley: Used every few seconds, deals roughly 350 shadow damage to the entire party.
•Shiver: Deals 2828 to 3172 shadow damage when damaged. Jumps to nearby raid member.

King Dred
•HP: 450,000
•Bellowing Roar: A massive roar frightens all enemies within 35 yards of the caster, fearing them for 4 sec.
•Fearsome Roar: Reduces all damage done by nearby enemies by 250 on heroic for 8 sec.
•Grievous Bite: A vicious attack that causes the target to bleed for 1050 to 1250 every 2 seconds.
•Mangling Slash: Slashes at an enemy, increasing the damage it takes from Bleed effects by 75%.
•Piercing Slash: Slashes at an enemy, dealing 125% weapon damage and reducing its armor by 75% for 10 sec.
•Raptor Call: Calls a nearby raptor to assist King Dred.
•Menacing Claw: Powerful attack (~15-18k on plate)

Ok. Looking at the two we can see a very clear problem for Herald Volazj. Volazj has only 3 attacks. His two main attacks are flinging weak shadow damage constantly to Dred’s entire party which, he doesn’t always have so that’s not a problem, and constant single target shadow damage attack. His only other attack is a two a fight debuff, the infamous Insanity. That being said we have to look at how his Insanity works. It only shows you the copies of your teammates. If Dred hasn’t summoned one of his raptor minions then it’s a waste of an attack chance. If he has to fight a weak 12k copy of 1-2 adds. And this is twice a fight. So there is a small chance of him actually getting off a successful Insanity Cast.
Dred on the other hand has multiple abilities. He can fear Volazj for a short time, reduce his attacks power for 8 seconds, putting up a powerful bleed on him, slashing him with an attack that makes said bleed super potent, slashes him again dealing extreme damage and reducing any armor by 75%, summons 2 raptors during said fight for a total of 3 times, and doing an almost 20k damage attack TO PLATE (which from looking Volazj he seems to be a no armor type of monster and at best wears leather).

From abilities alone Dred can immobilize and simply out power Volazj by himself. Assuming he doesn’t have raptors from the start that means they may or may not be attacking when Insanity hits. But for fun we’ll have them not be there the Insanity. He’ll summon 2 with each call, culminating in a total of 2 for the first Insanity and 4 before the second Insanity and all 6 by the end of the fight. So for the first Insanity Dred kills off mini raptors each having 12k health. A simple Menacing Claw can do this. As he has 2 minions out he still has to fight 2 more raptors and 2 mini-Dreds. Again all copies have only 12k health so the Menacing Claw works on each of them plus he gets a helper for each raptor/Dred combo he kills. Volazj is still taking damage from the bleeds during this time. Dred, having killed off all perceived competition returns to fighting Volazj. Dred then summons 2 more minions. The additional damage lowers Volazj into casting Insanity. Of course by this time Dred’s original 2 minions have been killed so the Insanity repeats itself with only 2 raptor minions. Dred soundly defeats them and kills Volazj, calling in his last to minions to help rip the Old God’s Herald to shreds.

Part 2:

Herald Volazj sits in his temple room, worshipping, in his twisted way, Yogg-Saron. He soon hears a loud triumphant roar and feels the presence of many of his master’s minion’s life force disappear. Not being concerned with it Volazj returns to his worship. In a different part of the Nerubian Empire Dred has just finished killing off the many cultists in the Old Kingdom. His raptors go into a killing spree and go about mauling the dead bodies, eating their fill. King Dred however has a different plan. As the camera pans in we see a deathly blue glow in the monster’s eyes. It seems after his defeat by King Ymiron the Lich King had a plan for this power house of ancient destruction. As his minions eat their fill the Lich King guides his diminutive puppet towards the farthest depths of this area. As the animal never died (see that match-up story where King Ymiron left Dred alive, allowing LK to take him over), his reptilian instincts remain intact letting the Lich King control Dred with simple suggestions of food and possibly a mate. Upon entering the darkest of depths the Lich King senses what he came here to find. Showing Dred the image of a rival male he works his tyrannosaur into frenzy and then unleashes him upon the meditating Herald Volazj.

"Ywaq maq oou; ywaq maq ssaggh. Ywaq ma shg'fhn."("They do not die; they do not live. They are outside the cycle.") Shouts Volazj as he is attacked by King Dred. King Dred, runs to the Herald and bites into the Herald soft meaty arm. Shrieking in pain as his left shoulder bleeds a thick purple blood. Retaliating Volazj uses his vast mental powers to attack the dinosaur’s mind. However all he meets is an icy blue wall. Realizing who has sent this monster into his master’s temple Volazj resumes his attack, flinging shadow bolt after shadow bolt at the King. Feeling the cold shadowy pain Dred “raises his claws menacingly” and proceeds to rip and shred at the Herald. Attacking Volazj again and again Dred bellows out, summoning two of his minions from their feast. Feeling weak from loss of blood Volazj attempts to send his attackers into the void of Insanity that comes from revealing the master’s true nature. This however backfires as Dred simply demolishes the two raptors attacking him and goes into frenzy at the sight of two more rival males. His cadre however were severely injured during the insanity fight and die soon after. Dred proceeds to resume biting and mauling the Herald, ripping any semblance of armor to shreds and inflicting many deep bites on the Herald’s body. As he feels his life force slipping away the Herald yet again tries to send his opponent into insanity. However the King hasn’t called any new minions yet and the cast is wasted. For the first time in Volazj’s existence he fears for his life. Praying to Yogg-Saron for any semblance of help he receives a large grievous bite to the neck. As he slowly dies he hears nothing but his master’s chaotic laughter at his servant’s death.

“Good my pet, now return to Ymiron.” Dred hears in his tiny brain. As he goes out the way he came he sees a tiny High Elf shaking and cowering in the corner, her clothes tattered, ritualistic runes cut into her body. Seeing an easy meal the large dinosaur reaches down and eats the shattered, insane shell that was once Grand Magus Telestra.

The Daily Quest: Roadhouse {WoW}

Nov 17th 2009 8:41PM You Are God!!!! Just imagine if they animated
that or if blizzard put in a joke about this into game last min. Achievememt unlocked: [Ro-Roa-Roadh-Roadhouse!] defeat Sindragosa in ICC within 30 min of seeing her on the login screen hehe Roadhouse

Officers' Quarters: Does class matter? {WoW}

Nov 16th 2009 11:39AM As far as leaders are concerned, I find that having two separate leaders works best. The guild leader shouldn't try to be the Raid Leader as well. That just causes burn out and way to many problems. I would know, being the Guild leader, raid leader and main tank for a guild definitely caused more stress than needed and most likely negatively impacted the guild. I think the best way to run it would have a Guild Leader as 1st in command. Then if your guild is raid oriented have the Raid leader be 2nd in command with the fellow officers coming in as a 3rd democratic command council. This lets there be an evenly distributed power structure that would probably help prevent any drama as well as burnout. As far as Raid Leaders go I'm mixed on the subject. To me the best class for a leader is the tank or the healer. This lets them set the pace they are comfortable with and lets the raid go more smoothly instead of having a dps, no matter how good, constantly insist on going to fast and possibly causing problems for the tank/s and healer/s. Range dps however would make a great 2nd in command raid leader for the very reasons you pointed out. Being able to look at the raid from a distance and see all that is going on makes a great leader and he/she could definitely come in with good advice. After all us tanks fight with are heads at their feet so we dont get a good look sometimes at what else is going on. And healers are often to concerned with keeping themselves and others alive to pay attention to the minor details which a ranged dps could look at while they safely pew pew the boss down.

All the World's a Stage: Player housing, interactivity, and other possible features {WoW}

Nov 15th 2009 11:11PM As far as player housing goes I think it would be best that if Blizzard ever decided to implement it they went and did something along the lines of what Oblivion: Elder Scrolls does. In that game if you want to have a player house you get a quest that tells you such and such that has left you their house or some such thing. Then you go to the location therein and find a nice house which you can slowly upgrade through purchases. If I could have something like this implemented I'd like a player house that combined my two favorite houses in that game. One house was for the more evil and assassin's guild aligned characters. In this house you have a basement fortress that has a man inside who never dies but does give you skill points if you attack him and a minion who will go and steal for you and bring back some money and gold. The other is a mountain top magician's fortress in which you can unlock a enchanter style room, a herbalists room and a room with portals to all the major cities.

So here's my WoW player housing idea: Blizz releases Cataclysm. One of the new features is the option for player housing. Everyone who reaches level 70 gets a letter saying that they have gained enough experience, rep, whatever and are now eligible for a player house. Your house is dictated by your race. So in my case as a lvl 80 Tauren Warrior, I'd get a letter from Cairne, Baine, whoever just so long as its some bigwig Tauren, saying that the Cataclysm has changed the face of Thunder Bluff and Mulgore in general and that since I have proved myself as a keen example of my race I have become eligible for permanent housing there, so long as I help to train the new recruits (bit of rp flair in the letter. serves no purpose other than to help immerse you into the idea) The house you get is the same for all races, similar to how the caves in WoW all have 1 of like 5 designs.
The inside however is a solo, per account saved, instance where you can live. Inside is a Racial themed house that includes 4 floors.

Basement floor is a large basement with 3 upgradable rooms. Room 1- Contains a minion who acts similar to the Argent Grunt. This minion will on a 4 hour basis let you access the same things the AG does but also on a daily basis give you the option to send him out to do a daily quest. This gives you a monetary sum of about 22g for a lvl capped toon with a bonus of a bag that can contain small sum of mats, 1 badge of highest value, etc on a random basis. Room 2- Has an invincible trainer who serves as a weapon skill trainer up to a certain point. i.e. you decide you want to train your unarmed skill which is at 1. It lets you train at an advanced rate up to a certain cap to catch you up to speed. Room 3-You select your profession's when you first get the house. So in my case as a Miner/BS I'd choose those two and then the 3rd room would contain a smelting station, anvil, and 5 high lvl nodes on a 12 hour respawn timer. If you chose to get a new profession you can pay a fee to some dude to re-furbish, similar to respeccing.

Main Floor- 3 rooms. Room 1 main guest room. anyone in your party can come into your house so long as you are the group leader, maximum of 10 ppl. In this room are a series of mannequins that you can put your rp armor onto, or other armor and weapons that look cool, i.e. battlegear of wrath with Quel'serrar and Quel'derrar for warriors. Room 2-contains a trophy room were your feats of strength, raid, pvp, exploring, etc achievements are showcased. In the case of raid acheives you'd see somethign like this: If i killed Onyxia or Nefarion you'd see a mini pole with their heads sticking off the top, similar to how the head turn in is for Horde races. Room 3- A large banquet style room for group meetings. so if you and friends want to rp you can, if you want to have a guild meeting with officers then invite them to your house for dinner and a meeting.

Floor 1- a 2 room floor. 1 room is a simple bedroom where you can rest and gain the rested state at a quicker rate than normal if you leave your toon or toon alts there. Room 2-kinda an updated Hair dresser. I.e. you pay someone, a butler, to stay in your house and let you, at an increased cost, restyle your characters appearance.

Floor 2- A portal room. In this room you are connected to all home cities that you are exalted with as well as Dalaran, and Shattrath.

Anyway all of this is upgradable and purchasable so this whole thing works as kinda a money sink to upgrade, similar to the dalaran rings. also you can set this as your hearthstone location. As i mentioned earlier in it the house is boa so if you have a lvl 80 toon and an alt your alt is welcome to the same house, but they cannot make any upgrades to it. only the toon the house is registered to can upgrade it, though the alt can get benefits from it at a lowered rate. EX., I have a main character Mannakae, Tauren Warrior. I also have 2 alts, a Tauren Druid and a Tauren Death Knight. This means my two alts can and are allowed access to the same house but they can do nothing to upgrade it. They also can set-up the mannequins to show-off their armor etc. Achievement room would be split so as to let each toon have access to their own achieve hall o fame. However. If i have an alliance alt or a horde alt of the different race I have to get to 80 with them and get a new house for them. So I guess you could say that in my idea the houses are Bind on Account, on Faction, on Race. Sorry for the Wall o'Text. Anyway this is my idea for a Player housing style thing. -Mannakae "US:Argent Dawn

Patch 3.3: More community members honored with item names {WoW}

Nov 14th 2009 4:17PM @praystation
Hah epic card. On topic though these in-game items rock. Always a nice touch for Blizz to officially recognize it's players with these game related items, cards, titles, etc.

The Queue: Blood and glory {WoW}

Nov 10th 2009 3:34PM I got an idea why. Cause MMO champ has that annoyingly large and comp slowing box that covers it on the front page for the entirety of the tournament =P. jk jk

WoW Insider Show Episode 112: We got segments {WoW}

Oct 19th 2009 7:24PM The iPhone ustream app is awesome to have because I can listen in on you guys when i don't have my laptop. One problem I've noticed with it though is it lags bad and then starts to freeze up the iPhone. Still worth it though.

Two Bosses Enter: General Bjarngrim vs. Skadi the Ruthless {WoW}

Oct 15th 2009 5:28PM The match would go like this:

The General is slowly working his way through Utgarde Pinnacle, determined to fight his brother Skadi and prove that he truly is the greatest of his father's sons. As he rounds the corner he sees Skadi standing there, a smug look on his face. As he enters the hallway a large, blue proto-drake looks at Bjarngrim and his lieutenants and roars, frost forming around their iron beards. "So brother you have decided to finally settle this?!" says Skadi the Ruthless. "Look alive, my brothers! A feast for the one that brings me my brothers head!" Jumping onto Grauf he flies off into the air.

"I am the greatest of my father's sons! Your end has come Skadi!" bellowed the General. Working his way through the narrow hallway he encounters the horde of vrykul charging him. While his lieutenants fight them suddenly a biting chill hits the air. To late he sees Grauf swooping down toward him. Breathing his deadly frost breath Grauf covers one side of the hallway with ice, debilitating one of his weakened lieutenants. Pressing forward Bjarngrim intercepts one of the many vrykul running through the hallway. In his wake he sees his other lieutenants being felled. Deciding enough is enough he switches his technique, adopting a berserker's stance. As the puny vrykul minions swarm him he hears another roar. Grauf has begun his descent yet again. Realizing he needs to avoid this quickly he whirlwinds the surrounding vrykul, and avoids the frostfire yet again. As he finally nears the harpoons he is finally hit by the frostfire, not being able to get out of the way quick enough this time.

Using the harpoons he grabbed as he ran through the gauntlet Bjarngrim shoots them all at Grauf, felling the mighty proto-drake.
Angry Skadi yells at his iron brother, "Bjarngrim, you motherless knave! Your corpse will make a fine morsel for my new drake!" Skadi begins throwing his spears at his brother, many making it through Bjarngrim's now brittle hide. As the poison burns Bjarngrim's blood, he swings his mace at his brother, mortally striking him. His breath knocked out of him Skadi ruthlessly begins to swing his mace in a whirlwind, each strike smashing at his brother, his iron skin made brittle from the bitter frostfire. Feeling weak Bjarngrim adopts a battle stance and begins to cleave at his brother. Laughing, Skadi dodges his brother's futile attempts to hit him. "Feeling tired older brother? You should have done better to avoid my spears. That poison should be taking its final effect around now." A horrible grin in his eyes Skadi watches as Bjarngrim falls to the ground, breathing alive but utterly incapable of moving. Confidently walking towards his brother he bends down and whispers in his ears, "Looks like you're about to get powned brother." "Skadi!No! I don't want to start over at the graveyard!" begs the fallen General. "To late Bjarngrim. Heeyahh!," screams Skadi as he slams his mallet onto his brothers head, smashing it to bits.

Far away in Blizzard HQ we see GC throwing his headset to the ground yelling "God-fucking-dammit! You win this time Metzen" Laughing Metzen looks at GC and says "Let that teach you. Next time you decide to have a party on your yacht you better not leave me for T-Pain and Keith, and then have the gall to send a video of you guys singing "I'm on a boat!"

WoW Moviewatch: Grind {WoW}

Sep 29th 2009 2:19PM "You'll always see us coming.....from 5 miles away."
"Holy Shiiiiit!"
Lol honestly one of the funnier real warcraft genius intros i've seen